Sam Asghari throws shade at Kevin Federline after Britney Spears responds to son’s comments about her

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Sam Asghari throws shade at Kevin Federline after Britney Spears responds to son’s comments about her

Sam Asghari has shown his support for wife Britney Spears after she responded to her son Jayden’s comments about missing his mother’s wedding in June.

On Thursday, the 40-year-old pop star shared a lengthy Instagram post about her family and how she was sending all her “love” to Jayden. This post came after the 15-year-old did an interview with ITV News, shared via The Daily Mail, and said that even though he was “happy for” his mother when she got married, it wasn’t a good idea for him and his brother, Sean Preston, 16, to go to the wedding.

“My love for my children has boundaries and it deeply saddens me to know his outcry of saying I wasn’t up his expectations of a mother… and maybe one day we can meet face to face and talk about this openly!!!!,” Spears wrote.

She went on to criticise the father of her two children, Kevin Federline, who claimed earlier this month that the teenagers found it “tough” to see their mother share nude photos online. In the post, after telling her children that she “completely understands” their need to live with their father, she told them to tell him to “try and at least mow the lawn”.

Asghari then backed his wife up, in the comments of the post, and threw shade at her ex-husband, writing: “Mowing the lawn > professional baby daddy.”

Additionally, many of the “Gimme More” singer’s fans expressed their love and support for her.

“You didn’t fail Britney, society failed,” one person commented, while another added: “Queen! Love you!”

A third person wrote: “My heart just breaks for you Britney. Stay strong in your love and hopefully they will see one day.”

During his ITV News interview, set to air on 2 September, Jayden expressed that “it will take a lot of time and effort” to repair his relationship with his mother. He also said that he “100 per cent” thinks that things “can be fixed” when she is “better mentally”.

Spears responded to Jayden’s comments in her Instagram post, writing: “As for my mental health… my dear child understand you must learn to pick up a book and read one before you start to even thinking about my intellect sweetheart!!!!”

“If you can honestly sit back and say with your sensible brilliant mind what [grandma and grandpa] did to me was fine and call them not bad people… then yes I have failed as a mother and hopefully that’s a chat for you and your father to sit face to face and try to learn WHAT’S GOOD,” she added, referring to how Jayden defended Jamie Spears, who played a role in placing her under a 13-year-long conservatorship, which was terminated in November 2021.

Elsewhere in the post, she sent a message to her younger son and urged him to “remember” where he “came from”.

“I hope you can look in the mirror and remember… you are my child and always will be. Since Preston didn’t speak, I send my love,” she wrote.

Spears also addressed how she would “love nothing more” than to see both of her children “face to face”, before emphasising how “proud” she is of them.