'Saltburn' was filmed at this dreamy estate, which has been in the same family for 250 years

A image of Drayton House in "Saltburn."
Drayton House as seen in "Saltburn."Courtesy of MGM and Amazon Studios
  • Most of "Saltburn" is set in a beautiful country estate.

  • It's called Drayton House and is in Lowick, England.

  • The Stopford-Sackville family has owned the house since 1770.

"Saltburn" fans can track down the dreamy mansion estate featured in the hit movie — but you won't be able to enter the house.

In the Emerald Fennell-directed movie, Oliver (Barry Keoghan) spends the summer with his friend Felix (Jacob Elordi) at his family's estate, called Saltburn.

The size and grandeur of the mansion drive home the huge wealth gap between Felix's family and Oliver.

"Saltburn" was filmed at Drayton House, a 200-acre estate in rural England. It has 127 rooms, according to Harper's Bazaar.

The Stopford-Sackville family privately owns the mansion. UK official records say the family has had it since the 1700s.

Unlike many English grand homes, it does not have a public visiting schedule.

Here is everything to know about the centuries-old house and how it was reconstructed for "Saltburn."

Drayton House was built in the 14th century.

A picture of Drayton House's garden taken in 1925
A picture of the garden in Drayton House taken in 1925.Historic England archive

According to Historic England, an official heritage agency, the member of parliament Simon of Drayton obtained the license to build a manor on his property in 1362. It still bears his name.

The house passed to the Sackville family in 1770. In 1843, Caroline Sackville and her husband, William Bruce Stopford, became owners of the house.

The house is currently owned by Charles Lionel Stopford Sackville.

Barry Keoghan standing in front of a building at night
Oliver (Barry Keoghan) looking at Saltburn (Drayton House) from afar.Courtesy of Amazon Prime

There is little public information about the current owner, Charles Lionel Stopford Sackville.

But his name does appear in a redacted version of an address book turned up in court proceedings against Jeffrey Epstein.

Reached for comment by the phone, Stopford Sackville hung up on Business Insider.

In reply to an emailed request for comment, he said his details were there because he knew Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell long ago.

"I did know Ghislaine whilst I was at Oxford in the early 80's," he wrote. "So for that reason (& that reason alone) was in her personal address book."

(Maxwell did not meet Epstein until 1991. She is currently in federal prison serving a 20-year sentence for sex-trafficking Epstein's victims.)

Drayton House had never been used in a film or TV show before "Saltburn."

The Catton Family in "Saltburn."
The Catton Family dinner in "Saltburn."MGM / Amazon Studios

Fennell told Vanity Fair that she had two requests for her production designer, Suzie Davies, when they were looking for a mansion to use for "Saltburn."

She wanted to shoot the whole film in one location, and in a mansion that hadn't been used on screen before.

"It was important to me that we were all in there together, that the making of the film in some way had that feeling of a summer where everyone loses their mind together," Fennell said.

Davies told Elle Decor that Drayton House's owners were highly accommodating, letting the crew change, repaint, and reorder rooms.

"We flipped them around, painted them, took tapestries down, and put them back up," Davies said. "We turned a bedroom into a bathroom and a bathroom into a dressing room."

"In a National Trust or English Heritage site, I wouldn't be able to go near it!" she added, referring to the strict protections imposed on some historic buildings.

The maze in "Saltburn" does not exist.

Barry Keoghan in "Saltburn."
Oliver (Keoghan) looking across the back garden at Saltburn.MGM / Amazon Studios

When filming, the production team for "Saltburn" made several changes and additions to the Drayton House estate.

The maze was constructed for the film, according to the Architectural Digest. Nicola Hicks designed the center of the maze, including the minotaur sculpture, but the visual-effects team used CGI to create the rest of the labyrinth, per AD.

Davies told Business Insider's Jason Guerassio that the bathroom used in Keoghan's infamous bathwater scene was originally a spare bedroom.

"We pulled out the bedroom, and I put the tiles on the floor. We put the bathtub there," she said. "We found that wallpaper that looks like muscles. We painted it high-gloss black. We painted the ceiling, and then we built those two vanity units with all the reflections."

Davies said she also had to build the bathtub out of fiberglass because real cast-iron tubs were either too heavy or too small.

While Saltburn seems grand in the film, Felix's family treats the estate like a normal house. Davies told AD they had to make certain rooms messy to portray this.

"Often when you see properties like this in films, you feel like you can't touch or sit on things," Davies said. "We wanted this film to feel lived in and fully inhabited by our characters."

You can't rent out the estate any more now that it's famous.

house where Saltburn was filmed
Oliver (Barry Keoghan) in front of Saltburn.Amazon MGM Studios

According to Vanity Fair, the "Saltburn" cast and crew had to promise not to reveal the location of the mansion or the owners as part of their deal to film there.

The secret didn't hold for long though — fans soon found the estate and started visiting. Drayton House is a private estate, which means visitors can only get as close as the nearby road.

According to Harper's Bazaar, the public could originally visit and arrange guided tours and private parties, but the booking website is no longer available.

City A.M. reported earlier this month that Bruce A. Bailey, an archivist of the property, rejected a request to visit via email.

"We are not interested in any further publicity," said Bailey. "The house is NOT open to the public nor is it available for hire."

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