Sally Nugent has emotional response to guide dogs segment

BBC Breakfast presenter Sally Nugent appeared visibly moved by a moving segment about guide dogs, and told co-host Jon Kay she might not be able to 'carry on'.

Video transcript


JON KAY: You all right?

SALLY NUGENT: No. I don't think I can carry on. What an incredible thing to do, though, to be able to work with a dog like that and then hand it on for the next stage of its job.

JON KAY: Yeah. I'm amazed there's a shortage. I'd have thought there'd be people queuing around the block. But I guess it's a huge commitment, isn't it? We're going to be joined a bit later in the program by someone who's also doing that volunteering job, who can talk us through the reality of it, the challenges, and how rewarding it is. And we've got a dog coming in.