Sainsbury's Is Selling A Summer Picnic Pack Of Heinz Sauces

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Photo credit: Snack News & Reviews
Photo credit: Snack News & Reviews

Here at Delish, we consider ourselves lovers of all things condiments. From signature serves like Ketchup and Mayo, to more exotic releases like Truffle Marmite and Choc Orange Mayo, you'll always find us on the lookout for anything remotely sauce/spread-related.

So, you can imagine how we responded to discovering a multipack of Heinz' most iconic sauces had been spotted in Sainsbury's. Yup! Obviously we were going to get involved...

Not stopping at your classics like Ketchup and Mayo (there's no beating Heinz Ketchup - if it ain't Heinz, we don't want it), there's even Sweet Chilli, Classic Barbecue and Yellow Mustard. In other words, it's the ultimate selection of summer sauces. Just think of the colourful decorative drizzles that could potentially grace your hot dogs?

Available in Sainsbury's stores now, the multipack will set you back just £5 and we're already searching for our nearest Sainsbo's.

Spotted online via Snack News & Reviews on Facebook (also known as Kev's Snack Reviews on Instagram) the Heinz multipack has caused quite some commotion.

With over 400 engagements and hundreds of shares, one person tagged a friend and said, "heinz doing bits with selection box keep up the good work," while another commented, "condiment heaven."

If that's not enough to tempt you into making a trip to your local Sainsbury's, then maybe the supermarket's brand-new summer range can...

Think gin infused olives and eton mess profiteroles (you heard me).

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