Sainsbury's Compared Beyoncé's Ivy Park Range To Its Uniform And Twitter Lost It

Natasha Harding
Photo credit: @J_______mahm

From Delish

You know when you post a joke-y Instagram caption or Tweet, and only 50% of people get that it was actually just a joke? And how the confusion often makes it all the funnier for people who are in on it? Well, that exact same thing is happening to Sainsbury's right now, over a meme they posted about Beyoncé's new Ivy Park Collection. Yep, that's a sentence we never thought we'd say.

For those playing at home, Sainsbury's recently created a meme from Bey's latest campaign imagery, comparing the designs to their uniform. The supermarket added "Repping since 1869" (when their brand started), along with coining the hashtag #SainsBey and, tbh, this is pure gold:

Naturally, it wasn't long before the rest of Twitter decided it wanted in on the joke, spawning loads more hilarious memes:

"Beyoncé on tills: To the left, to the left. Everything you scan in the bag to your left."

"Going on shift #SainsBey"

"This is a staff announcement. Can Beyoncé report to aisle 24, a customer spilled lemonade"

"I'm too scared to ask @sainsburys staff for help incase they turn out to be a random person wearing the @Beyonce new clothing collab"

"I hate that whenever I see Beyoncé's new Ivy Park line all i can think about is her working a 12- 5 shift at Sainsbury's"

While it was, obviously, not a serious accusation, some of the Beyhive didn't quite get the joke (kinda like how sarcasm gets totally lost over text, amiright?), with some evening threatening to 'come for' Sainsbury's:

"You don’t own a colour combination sweetie"

"sains who?"

"Since 1869 and Beyoncé did it better in less than year"

Others begged the Beyhive to stop, explaining that it was a joke:

"As a fellow Beyoncé fan I am BEGGING you stans to stop embarrassing yourselves under this post. Please it ain’t that deep'

"Do these stans realise you can’t actually buy the staff @sainsburys uniform? It’s a grocery store! Why do they keep saying Ivy Park outsold it?"

Still not letting up on the hilarity, Sainsbury's even replied to one of the critics who pointed out that they don't 'own' the colour combo with "We made it famous though!! Karen":

So, basically, #Sainsburys is now trending and honestly, I have no idea what to expect from 2020 now.

This sums it all up:

"Give me a more random beef than Beyoncé vs Sainsburys."

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