Sainsbury's Announces A Christmas Pop-Up Restaurant For Dogs

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Why should us humans get all the festive fun? Dogs deserve a nice time too, don’t they? I mean, admittedly, dogs do basically have a nice time all day, every day while humans go to work. But anyway…

Sainsbury’s has announced that it is opening a Christmas pop-up restaurant for dogs!

For three days only, between 13 and 15 December, you can take your little buddy along to the Santa Paws Dinner pop-up to get stuck into a festive meal for you and your four-legged friend.

Tickets cost just £5 for a 45-minute slot, and include a glass of bubbly and a Christmas sandwich for you. And your dog gets a slap-up Christmas dinner, including Sainsbury's Festive Dinner for dogs, which has options including a mixture of turkey, carrots and sage, or chicken, duck and turkey. Plus, Sainsbury’s dog-friendly mince pies, which are made using carob, an alternative to chocolate that dogs can enjoy.

Oh, and obviously your dog will be served by silver service-style waiters, because that’s the least your good boy/girl deserves.

Photo credit: Sainsbury's

Once your pooch is stuffed full of festive food, he/she can have a photoshoot with a professional dog photographer. We’re hoping reindeer antlers and Santa hats will be provided as standard.

This amazing pop-up will take place at the Hus Gallery in London, and all proceeds go to Guide Dogs UK, so it really is win, win.

And, before you sulk that you can’t go because you don’t have a dog, turn that frown upside down because there will be 'I have no dog' sessions on 14 December. So, you’re free to be a dog creep to your heart’s content!

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