Sainsbury’s teams up with Deliveroo to offer hot takeaways, sweets and dips

Katie O'Malley

Getting home from work and realising you need to sprint to the local supermarket to buy a last-minute dinner before Love Island starts is up there with one of life’s most mundane tasks.

At least, it was until Sainsbury’s announced that it is now offering customers hot takeaways via Deliveroo.

From Monday 22 July, Deliveroo users will be able to order freshly-baked sourdough pizzas, a range of sweet and savoury snacks, dips and soft drinks from selected Sainsbury’s shops in the UK straight to their door.

Better yet, the prices of the products will be exactly the same as those customers would find if they bought them in the supermarket or online.

The move, which marks the first time a supermarket has joined forces with the delivery app, is part of a two-month trial which is available in Cambridge, Selly Oak, West Hove, Pimlico and Hornsey.

According to Deliveroo, customers will be able to choose from around 50 Sainsbury’s products on the app and more will be added during the trial.

“With more and more shoppers looking for convenient and affordable meals delivered to their doors, our trial with Deliveroo brings our great value hot food direct to customers’ homes,” says Clodagh Moriarty, Sainsbury’s group chief digital officer.

Sainbury’s and Deliveroo team up to offer hot takeaways, sweets and dips (Sainbury's)

The news comes days after Sainsbury’s launched the UK’s first signing supermarket in an effort to support the hard-of-hearing community.

The Bath branch – which was renamed “Signsbury’s” for the three-day project – took the step as part of the supermarket’s 150 Days of Community scheme to mark the company’s 150th anniversary.

Staff communicated with customers both verbally and with sign language, signing common words and phrases such as the locations of food items.

Children took part in a challenge that earned them a free snack if they learnt to sign basic words.

To prepare for the project, more than 100 store staff took British sign language lessons, run by a local signing centre, I Can Sign.

The lessons were supported by Sam Brook, a Sainsbury’s employee who is deaf, and Rachel Shenton, the actor who starred as Lily Summers in the film Switched at Birth.

Earlier this month, Deliveroo announced the launch of a letterbox delivery service so that customers don't need to answer the door when indulging in a "duvet day".

The new letterbox delivery service – named "Royal Meal" – is currently being trialled in Manchester with deliveries from cafe Katsouris.

Breakfast sandwiches from the restaurant can now be delivered to customers in recyclable packaging slim enough to fit through a letterbox.