Sainsbury’s Is Selling A Cookies And Cream Cake And We’ve Never Seen Anything More Beautiful

Anna Lewis
Photo credit: @uktoptreats

From Delish

If you’ve been one of the unlucky ones to have celebrated your birthday during lockdown in 2020, you’ll know that it’s hard to make an at-home party with two guests (you and your cat) feel like a special occasion. No matter how many balloons and streamers you put up in your living room, it’s just not the same as having a big shindig with your pals.

But there is one thing that can make your birthday feel special, and that’s a dreamy birthday cake.

Sainsbury’s has launched a cookies and cream celebration cake, and I’m honestly not sure I’ve seen anything more beautiful in my whole life (admittedly, I’ve led a fairly sheltered life).

We first spotted the dreamy cake on Top Treats UK’s Instagram, when they shared a photo of the cake, which serves 16/one human and one cat.

According to the Sainsbury’s website, the cake is a chocolate and Madeira sponge cake layered and coated with cookie crumb frosting, decorated with edible decorations.

The cake will set you back £12, and can be bought in store or ordered online as part of an online order.

If you prefer your birthday cakes caterpillar-shaped, did you know you can now order a Colin The Caterpillar cake to be delivered to your front door?

Photo credit: M&S

M&S has launched a birthday cake delivery service, which means you can send cakes through the post to your mates for their special day.

The Colin The Cake bundle comes in a special bag, packed with a Colin cake, Colin sweets and a fun balloon.

These lockdown birthdays aren’t looking so bad after all…

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