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Friday 24, January

Today's powerful New Moon lands in your communication zone, opening up enormous potential for you to get your message out to the masses. If you've wanted to publish a book, start a podcast, or just shine up your social media game, set those intentions now. You can achieve major goals within six months.

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Thursday 23, January

The planet of instant change clashes with the Sun in your communication zone early today. This can cause you to say something you'll later regret, Sagittarius. Since you already have a tendency to speak without thinking, you're advised to take a breath before putting your foot directly in your mouth.

Wednesday 22, January

The Moon is in your money zone, helping you to tie up any loose ends that unfurled during last week's Saturn-Pluto conjunction last week. If you're feeling stressed about your finances, tune into your deepest emotions to figure out what steps to take - it may be less about practical things and more about your feelings.

Tuesday 21, January

The Moon officially left your own sign in the wee hours of the morning, but the lunar glaze remains, Sagi bb. For most of today until the evening, the Moon will be void-of-course - in the space between two constellations. It's perfect for taking a break from the hectic pace you may have endured in the last few days.

Monday 20, January

With the Sun shifting into Aquarius today, your communication zone will be lit up for the next four weeks. Not that you were keeping your mouth shut prior to this, darling Sagi, but now you'll be even more primed to share your opinions on multiple platforms. It's a great time for writing projects as well.

Sunday 19, January

The Moon moves into your fiery stars later this evening, but first, you'll need some time out in privacy. You still require downtime to get back into your fiery groove. You can't be all go, go, go all the time, darling. Use this energy to unwind and rejuvenate so you can be up and at 'em on Monday morning.

Saturday 18, January

The Moon is asking you to take a break from the world, Sagi. You have full cosmic permission to retreat, relax and kick back into your favourite form of escape. Your soul needs to take priority at the moment. You can get back to socializing tomorrow. This is your day to focus inward.

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