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Thursday 22, August

With the Moon in Taurus today, you're all about work, work and more work. Practical matters rule the day and you're totally on top of the details. This is good news, Sagittarius, because your low energy phase begins tomorrow and all you'll want to do is start the weekend early.

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Wednesday 21, August

The love planet shifts into Virgo today, which means that for the next few weeks, your career gets plenty of fringe benefits. Sweetness will flood your professional zone and you'll be able to apply the loveliest kind of constructive criticism to your livelihood. Expect accolades, Sagi bb - plenty of them.

Tuesday 20, August

The Moon is still in Aries, your sister fire sign, sending lunar beams through your house of creativity and pleasure. This is indeed one of the most wonderful moments of the month, but Pluto is throwing a bit of a wrench in all the fun. He's squaring off with the Moon from your money zone, bringing an intensity to all transactions and interactions.

Monday 19, August

With the Moon in Aries, your hot sister fire sign, everything feels absolutely scorching as the week begins - in the best possible way. This lunar vibe is amazing for pursuing pleasure relentlessly. Sure, you may have to report to work, but that doesn't mean you can't make copious time for play during the next few days.

Sunday 18, August

Great news-the Moon moves into your house of love and pleasure for the next few days, Sagi. You are heading for a romantic phase during which matters of the heart will take precedence. It's also the perfect time to indulge in whatever feels like play. And as an extra bonus, your creativity is top-notch now.

Saturday 17, August

You've mostly wanted to be on the road recently, but your professional life is calling you for at least the next six weeks. Mars, the planet of drive and ambition, moves up to the very top of your chart and pushes you to reach ever-new levels of greatness, darling. Go ahead and work for your biggest dreams now.

Friday 16, August

The stars are reminding you that self-care is a must, Sagi. If this means hunkering down under the covers watching movies for the weekend, do it. You could use a little indulgent escape under the current stars. Plus, communication is totally bizarre and potentially fraught with chaos -- so stay off your phone and stick with your dreams.

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