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Tuesday 02, June

Today's lunar influence is begging you to take a break from the action. The time to retreat and process your deeper feelings has arrived. This is especially essential as we get closer to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse taking place in your very own fiery stars. So many dramatic shifts are in process.

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Sunday 31, May

The Moon moves into your social zone today, asking you to reach out to friends, keep up with your online presence, and focus on your collabs and goals. With an eclipse coming up in our sign later this week, begin focusing on how to properly release any toxic material you've accumulated during the last six months.

Saturday 30, May

The Moon is in Virgo again today, but it's likely to feel quite different than yesterday did. Venus and Neptune are involved in Saturday's aspects, bringing something visionary to the mix, but nothing concrete. Making decisions is not called for, but dreaming and scheming definitely is.

Friday 29, May

With the Moon shifting into your career zone today, your professional life comes into clearer focus over the next few days. Weekends and weekdays don't mean much anymore, but this has much more of a Monday vibe - it's all about getting down to business and plugging into your ambition.

Thursday 28, May

Mercury heads into Cancer today, where the communication planet will set up camp until early August - an exceptionally long visit to your house of sex. This is because of a retrograde coming up in June, and it means that your mind will be set on intimacy and transformation for the next few months.

Wednesday 27, May

The Moon is Leo for the next few days, and that's delightful news for you, Sagi bb. This is your sister fire sign, so you can tap into mega-inspiration and a sense of adventure, even if you're just sitting on your sofa or desk chair. What is far away comes directly home to you now; you can expand your horizons without leaving the perimeter.

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