Sadie Frost loves pink bedroom

Sadie Frost has a pink bedroom credit:Bang Showbiz
Sadie Frost has a pink bedroom credit:Bang Showbiz

Sadie Frost embraced single life by painting her bedroom pink.

The 56-year-old actress – who split from boyfriend Darren Strowger last year after eight years together and was previously married to Spandau Ballet musician Gary Kemp from 1988 until 1995 and actor Jude Law until the early 2000s – enjoyed the fact that, when she moved into her new home, she didn't have to consult anyone else about how she decorated her sleeping space.

When asked about her Sunday routine, she told the Observer magazine: “I’m usually awake by 6am, with my sausage dog’s nose pressed against me; we sleep arm-in-paw. I recently moved house and painted my bedroom pink with pictures of Marilyn Monroe on the walls, because I’m single so I can!”

The actress-turned-fashion designer went on to claim that “sensory satisfaction” is a big focus at this time in her life.

She said: “[On a Sunday]I light the fire, incense and candles. Sensory satisfaction is all at this stage in life.”

The ‘Dracula’ star – who has son Finlay, 31, from her marriage to Gary as well as Rafferty, 25, Iris, 21, and Rudy, 19, with Jude – is "frustrated" that her kids are adults now, but any time she has with her children is cherished and she can't wait for them to have babies of their own.

She said: “Any day spent with my four (now grown-up) children under my roof [is special]. They all pile into the bed with me: Rudy sucking his thumb, Iris chatting away, Raff doing back flips and Finlay reciting Shakespeare.

"I miss waking up and all of us being together. It’s so frustrating that they’re grownups, I can’t wait for grandkids to come along."