Sacha Baron Cohen reprises Ali G and Bruno roles to accept MTV Movie & TV Award

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Sacha Baron Cohen revived his characters Ali G, Bruno and Borat to accept his Comedic Genius Award at the MTV Movie & TV Awards on Sunday.

The British comedian followed in the footsteps of Melissa McCarthy and Will Ferrell by being bestowed with the honorary award and he accepted it from a studio in Australia using a little camera trickery to seemingly perform all the roles at the same time.

The acceptance speech began with Baron Cohen as Borat, who he recently played in last year's Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, saying in his usual style of humour, "Thank you, Prince Harry. I'm very excited to be on this brand new music television channel. I'm very happy to be accepting this cup of gold teeth instead of Sacha Baron Cohen and will put it in our national museum along with other treasure we have confiscated from Jews."

Borat was then interrupted by Ali G, who claimed that he should be accepting the golden popcorn prize as he was Baron Cohen's "original gangster".

As the duo traded a comic war of words, Baron Cohen stepped in, confronted Ali G for co-opting Black culture, and then gave an earnest speech himself.

"Thank you, MTV. To the millions of fans out there who voted for me, I salute you," he said. "This is yours, I'd be nothing without you. I'm so humbled by this. I'm just a human being creating complex nuanced characters."

He was then interrupted by Bruno, who Baron Cohen taught a lesson about offending the LGBTQ community before declaring he was "cancelling" himself and walked off, leaving Bruno at the podium with the prize.

Bruno stepped in and gave a speech, but then the camera panned to Baron Cohen as his The Dictator character Admiral General Aladeen in the studio, who made a hand gesture and the camera went black.