Sabres win NHL Draft Lottery, rights to draft Rasmus Dahlin

Rasmus Dahlin is expected to come off the draft board first. (Getty)

For another spring, NHL executives were seated in rows in a television studio and made to await the results of the NHL Draft Lottery in the most uncomfortable manner imaginable.

It was, once again, all very silly — but apparently not silly enough for mascots to be present.

Anyway, once the Golden Knights and Sharks completed two periods in Las Vegas, it was revealed that for just the second time in the last eights prize draws that the team with the highest odds had indeed secured the No. 1 pick — and in this case the rights to draft Swedish star defenseman Rasmus Dahlin.

The Carolina Hurricanes made the biggest jump, landing at No. 2 with the 11th-best odds to the win the lottery coming in, while the Montreal Canadiens improved by one spot to No. 3.

Elsewhere, the Ottawa Senators fell two spots to land at No. 4, while the Vancouver Canucks tumbled down one position, once again.

Here’s the complete lottery draw:

1. Buffalo Sabres
2. Carolina Hurricanes
3. Montreal Canadiens
4. Ottawa Senators
5. Arizona Coyotes
6. Detroit Red Wings
7. Vancouver Canucks
8. Chicago Blackhawks
9. New York Rangers
10. Edmonton Oilers
11. New York Islanders
12. New York Islanders (via Calgary)
13. Dallas Stars
14. Philadelphia Flyers (via St. Louis)
15. Florida Panthers

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