Rylan Clark reveals he might turn life into a TV series - 'There's a lot to go in it'

Presenter of the Daytime Award Rylan Clark poses in the Winners Room during the 2024 BAFTA Television Awards
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Rylan Clark has revealed that he might turn his life into a TV series, as there is so much to go into it.

The TV presenter who rose to fame on The X-Factor in 2012 gave a candid interview to The Standard, where he said there was enough in his autobiography to warrant a TV adaptation.

His book, Ten: The Decade That Changed My Future, which came out in 2022 - ten years after he became a household name from X-Factor - opened up about his high highs and his very low lows in the spotlight.

He wrote at length about struggling intensely with his mental health following his divorce from Dan Neal. He had to take a four month break from work when he suffered from heart failure and even tried to end his own life during the depth of his depression.

Rylan Clark
Rylan Clark's life is enough to fill a TV show -Credit:BANG Showbiz.

He told the Standard: "I mean, there's a lot to go in [a TV adaptation of my life]. Yeah, potentially, but I don't know if I've warranted enough to do that. But who knows what might happen? Never say never."

Best of luck, however, to any actor who wants to play the icon from Essex, as when asked who he would like to portray him Rylan snapped back with: “Listen, you've got one life. I'd f**king play me. There's money to be earned, Rylan’s taking it."

Rylan Clark performs on X Factor
Rylan found fame when he performed on X-Factor -Credit:No credit

The 35-year-old has shown he has a knack for sharing his life and adventures on television, as his show Rob and Rylan’s Grand Tour where he explores Italy with fellow TV presenter Rob Rinder was a smash hit earlier in 2024.

In fact the chemistry between Rob and Rylan was so strong they had to deny romance rumours between the two. When asked on Jessie and Lennie Ware’s Table Manners podcast whether anything romantic was going on between the two, Rob said: “I find it funny because I adore him, but we are like a married couple; we row all the time and we don’t have sex.”

Ryland with co-presenter and pal Rob Rinder at the TV BAFTAs in London
Rob Rinder and Rylan had such good on-screen chemistry they had to shut down rumours about their relationship -Credit:David Fisher/REX/Shutterstock

Not only would he be open to a TV adaptation of his life, but Rylan even admitted on Sky’s Electoral Dysfunction podcast that he would also be open to a career in politics at some point in his life. He said he got involved in caring about politics during the Brexit referendum, and has been a keen fan of political shows and watching the news ever since. He even is a frequent watcher of Prime Minister’s Questions Time.

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