Ryan Reynolds Had An A+ Pumpkin Spice Versus Negroni Video (But I Feel Like He Missed A Chance To Bring In House Of The Dragon’s Emma D’Arcy)

 Ryan Reynolds in Spirited and Emma D'Arcy in House of the Dragon (side by side).
Ryan Reynolds in Spirited and Emma D'Arcy in House of the Dragon (side by side).

Nothing rings in fall like a negroni, at least according to Ryan Reynolds. The Deadpool actor recently posted a video of himself making one to promote his alcohol brand, Aviation Gin and took a shot at pumpkin spice lovers in the process. While he had some great points about the popular obsession with the classic fall drink, I wish he channeled House of the Dragon star Emma D’Arcy’s recipe when shaking up the cocktail. I mean, talk about a missed opportunity.

The Free Guy actor is known for his snarky gin recipes, and his latest Instagram video in promotion of Aviation was no exception. He showed fans what was up while explaining how to use the gin to make a perfect negroni cocktail. He also feigned outrage at pumpkin spice and its dominance during the chilly fall months. His vitriol is hilarious, and his cocktail recipe -- which features bitter red liqueur, sweet vermouth, an orange peel, and of course, gin -- looks delicious. You can see his sassy recipe video below:

While this beverage looks tasty, I have to admit, I think it would be even more delicious with a little bit of pumpkin spice. Whether or not Ryan Reynolds likes it, just about everything tastes better with cinnamon and nutmeg, even an already yummy drink like a negroni. Reynolds teases audiences with that cinnamon stick before throwing it at the camera, but I was secretly hoping he would incorporate it in that brew. I know it seems weird that so many people get obsessed with the flavor for a few months during the year And it honestly feels like almost everything comes in a pumpkin flavor during autumn. Nevertheless, it just tastes so good that I just never think to question it.

I’m probably not the only one who would have notes on the recipe. Emma D’Arcy went viral last year for their own negroni preferences and co-star Olivia Cooke’s reaction to the tasty beverage. The House of the Dragon star revealed that they like a “Negroni Sbagliato with Prosecco in it.” This is definitely a sweeter take on the classic cocktail, and that little bubbly would make the concoction festively fall. While D’Arcy’s mixture certainly would add a little pizazz to the Adam Project star’s, swapping prosecco for the gin may be counterproductive, considering the Red Notice star is using the recipe to promote his gin brand.

Whether you prefer the D’Arcy recipe or Reynolds', these are both great cocktail ideas for a night out. I wonder how D’Arcy would feel about the pumpkin spice trend and if they would add the essence of fall to their own drink. Someone should definitely ask, because their negroni recipe started hype of its own. Maybe these two should get together and discuss, because I’d love to see these cocktail authorities duke out the pumpkin spice trend while making fall beverages together. We need to make this happen.

When Emma D’Arcy isn’t starting a drink trend, they're appearing alongside the all-star cast of House of the Dragon, which is streaming now with a Max subscription. You can also see Ryan Reynolds documenting his experience owning a UK football team on Welcome to Wrexham, which is also streaming for Hulu subscribers.