Ryan Reaves' goal horn impression is spectacular

Ryan Reaves presumably doing his goal-horn impression after scoring. (Matt Kincaid/Getty Images)

Ryan Reaves can throw down one serious goal horn impression.

The Penguins forward took his newly revealed talents to the team’s morning skate on Friday, tucking himself behind the net during a breakaway drill and ripping off a perfect NHL ’94 siren-style goal horn impression every time someone scored on goaltender Tristan Jarry:

Jason Mackey of the Pittsburgh-Post Gazette performed a service for humanity and dug into this sensational talent of Reaves further, and got the 30-year-old to reveal his potential post-hockey career plans.

“I am the songbird of our generation,” Reaves said. “It’s a hidden talent that nobody knows about yet. After I’m done with hockey, I’ll be going on to American Idol.”

As soon as “weird goal-horn-siren impression” becomes a genre of music, Reaves will dominate the scene.