RVOvernights.com To Launch Membership at the Hershey RV Show

ANNADALE, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / September 5, 2023 / RV Overnights, a startup travel company which connects small businesses with travelers seeking overnight parking for RVs, has announced the pending launch of its membership on September 13th, 2023.

This will coincide with the first day of the Hershey RV Show in Hershey, Pennsylvania. The RVOvernights team will be attending with a tradeshow booth, to offer education and information about what the company offers, which is a membership program designed to assist RVers during their travels across the United States.

Through the RVOvernights platform, RVers can choose from a wide variety of locations for overnight parking at various small businesses across the country, known on the platform as the hosts. The host locations are typically situated in desirable regions with excellent views of scenic landscapes.

Once a traveler purchases the membership with RVOvernights, they can book overnight parking spots with hosts for no fee. The platform only asks that guests consider supporting their hosts by making a purchase at the small businesses. Host locations through RVOvernights include museums, wineries and breweries, farms, various attractions, non-profits, restaurants, and more.

For the yearly membership fee, guests receive unlimited stay requests at any of their hosting locations. Additionally, one gets access to the RVOvernights app, which includes dump stations and propane fill locations. Members can stay at any property with an approved stay request from their hosts. The company also offers a Happier Camper Guarantee. If a member is not satisfied with the program, they can claim a refund within the first 90 days of their membership.

Co-founder Rob Case explains that the program is built from a small business owner's viewpoint, seeking to benefit both member and host experiences. RV Overnights allows each small business to promote their offerings, encouraging members to support hosts by purchasing goods and services. The platform has also incorporated features inspired by popular rideshare companies, such as multiple ratings for each member and a "Stay Score" to measure the reliability of a member, ensuring social responsibility and respectful use of the program.

In preparation for launching its membership, RVOvernights has implemented several other novel features in its updated platform, such as a simple QR code check-in process, a messenger portal for increased communication between hosts and members, and the ability for hosts to block dates annually and list individual parking spaces.

Recognizing the growing popularity of RV travel and the quick filling up of campgrounds, RV Overnights offers a solution by connecting small businesses to travelers. Co-founders Rob Case and Kurt Nehlig, both lifetime small business owners and avid RVers, believe that understanding both sides of the equation enables them to build a program that benefits everyone, and they are excited to launch membership at the Hershey RV Show.

About RVOvernights.com

RVOvernights.com is a hospitality startup that offers a platform to connect RV travelers with small businesses (hosts). Hosts provide overnight parking spots for RVs, and can list properties on the platform for free. Travelers can search and book available spots; hosts set their own availability, rules, and restrictions.

Website: https://rvovernights.com/

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