Ruth Langsford's 'revenge' - 'She's adapting to her new life as a single woman'

Ruth Langsford attends a BAFTA tribute evening
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Things certainly haven't been easy recently for TV presenter Ruth Langsford - she's not only going through a divorce from Eamonn Holmes, her husband of 14 years, but there's been non-stop rumours swirling around about the reason behind it.

While it's been reported that Eamonn, 64, is being "consoled" by a blonde divorcee, Ruth - who shares a 22 year old son named Jack with her ex husband - has been noticeably quiet about their shock split and is choosing to keep her cards close to her chest.

However, Ruth's silence has arguably kicked the hearsay mill into overdrive and prompted a flurry of whispers online from curious followers. One said: "She didn't want to stick by him when he was ill," while a second commented: "She bailed out of her marriage to her ailing husband."

But others came to her defence and said: "Wow, people are so mean on social media when they have no idea of what someone's relationship is like behind closed doors," and another agreed: "It's nothing to do with us."

However, according to a source, Ruth's tight-lipped approach to the ongoing gossip could be the best "revenge" Ruth has on 'haters' as it allows her to keep her head held high.

Ruth Langsford on Loose Women
Ruth is keeping her head held high -Credit:Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock

"Splitting from Eamonn is one of the hardest things Ruth has had to go through and it wasn’t an easy choice – she had wanted them to grow old together and was determined that Jack wouldn’t have divorced parents," they said.

"Ruth has strong friends around her and she is just throwing herself into work at the moment and feels she can walk around with her head held high and at that moment that’s her best form of revenge. That’s not to say she won’t ever talk about it but she’s not ready at all at the moment and when she does, it will be done with dignity to protect all of those involved."

Ruth and Eamonn on This Morning
Ruth and Eamonn are divorcing after 14 years -Credit:Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock

While Ruth has decided to take a step back from Loose Women - a show she's been a part of since 1999 - the 64 year old made a triumphant return to live TV on QVC in order to promote her clothing range where she appeared in high spirits.

But just one day after their split was confirmed and the couple - who tied the knot in 2010 - were headed for divorce, Eamonn continued his presenting duties on GB News, and even expressed gratitude for the support they've received.

He said: “So here we are on this Tuesday morning and a lot of politics. Just before we move on I would just like to thank people for your support for Ruth and I over the last few days as to the news of our separation. Your support for both of us is very much appreciated.”

Now, according to a source, Ruth is becoming tired of people talking about not only her marriage but also the ins-and-outs of the breakdown of it. They said: "She hopes to stay on good terms with Eamonn as they have good memories together," the source said. "But the gossip has been tough on her."

Ruth looking sad on Loose Women
Ruth has found the ongoing 'gossip' tough -Credit:ITV

It's been alleged that the couple - who have been together for a total of 27 years - have been planning to split for a while. Eamonn first sparked concerns about the state of the relationship himself after telling his followers on social media that he had "loads to think about". Then fans quickly noticed they hadn't actually appeared in each other's Instagram photos since July 2022.

It was also said that Ruth and Eamonn felt significant strains on their relationship when they departed This Morning in 2020, after co-hosting the show's Friday segments for 14 years. This change, coupled with Eamonn being forced to sell his beloved Belfast home to cover a massive £250,000 tax bill, and his ill health has reportedly been a testing time for them.

But amid the constant gossip and rumour mill, Ruth is determined to rise above the rumours and concentrate on herself, according to the source.

"It’s been a tough couple of years and Ruth knows this is the right decision but she hates the speculation surrounding their split and refuses to be dragged into it all, mainly for Jack’s sake and her elderly mum," the source claimed.

Ruth and Eamonn during happier times
Ruth and Eamonn were regulars on Loose Women -Credit:Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock

"She has had lots of messages of support and she’s just adapting to her new life as a single woman and for the first time in a long time, she can be quite selfish as Jack’s grown up and she only has to really think of herself.”

As well as a shift in her priorities, Ruth has made changes to the way she looks and indulged in self-care as she headed to the hairdressers last week for a glam makeover. The much-loved presenter took to her social media to document her time at the salon, before later showing off her gorgeous new blonde hair do.

It clearly seems Ruth is looking for a clean break and, according to a second source, is why she decided to step away from Loose Women for a while.

"Her decision to step away from Loose Women is her way of taking control. She's sick of hearing rumours and stories, and just wants to rise above it all. Ruth knows if she stayed at Loose Women, they would have asked intimate and intrusive questions about the break-up and them moving on, causing only further speculation," the second source said.

"Eamonn was a regular on the show too and they would talk very openly about their marriage when they appeared on it together. But everyone would be waiting to know what’s going on with Eamonn and Ruth doesn’t even know herself at the minute."

Hopefully this means onwards and upwards for Ruth!