Ruth Langsford admits to “first fail” in her ongoing running challenge

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Photo credit: Joe Maher - Getty Images
Photo credit: Joe Maher - Getty Images

Ruth Langsford admitted to experiencing her “first fail” in a running challenge she set herself earlier this year.

Ruth has been sharing regular updates of her running journey following the “couch to 5k” program on an app, which helps beginners train towards a five kilometre run.

The ITV presenter posts videos recounting her experience at each stage of her progress and has now shared her first “fail”, as she wasn’t able to complete her session for the first time.

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In the clip Ruth said, “Epic fail today, I just wasn’t feeling it. I said I was nervous. I was really struggling, couldn’t get my breathing right.”

She admitted she stopped running and walked during the session, saying, “I got to halfway and thought I can’t do anymore, pushed on a bit more and stopped quite soon after that.”

Frustrated at not being able to complete the run she added, “I’m shaking my water bottle I’m so annoyed,” however she was able to keep things in perspective and ultimately remain positive.

“Bit disappointed but it’s the first fail in 16 weeks so I’m not going to tick this one,” she said. “These things happen in life. We fail, we pick ourselves up and we try again.”

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Ruth wished all those who were also trying the program good luck and said she would try to run again this week and get back into it.

Many of Ruth's followers left supportive comments on her post encouraging her to keep going.

"You haven’t failed Ruth. The fact you get out and have a go is an achievement in itself!" read one comment while another said, "You're doing so well, one step ahead of everyone still on their couch."

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