Russo Brothers honour James Cameron as Avatar reclaims coveted box office title

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Avengers: Endgame filmmakers Joe and Anthony Russo have bowed down to fellow director James Cameron after his Avatar blockbuster reclaimed the title as the highest-grossing movie release in global box office history. The final Avengers movie previously knocked Avatar off the top spot in July, 2019, but on Saturday, the 2009 sci-fi epic edged past Endgame's $2.79 billion takings to retake pole position, thanks to its re-release in China to help boost the box office amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. By Sunday, Avatar had grossed $21.1 million (£15 million) from its weekend relaunch, taking its estimated total takings to $2.81 billion, and the Russo Brothers took to social media to applaud the massive achievement by sharing a piece of artwork which merged Marvel's Avengers logo with that of Avatar. "Passing the gauntlet back to you... @JamesCameron," they captioned the post, noting: "Thanks for the beautiful art @Bosslogic." Marvel Studios bosses also marked the occasion by tweeting: "Congratulations to @JimCameron , (producer) @JonLandau , and ALL of Na'vi Nation (Avatar fans) for reclaiming the box office crown!" Referencing an Iron Man/Tony Stark quote in Endgame, they shared: "We love you 3000. @OfficialAvatar". Cameron has since reposted Marvel's congratulatory note, replying with a blue heart emoji. Meanwhile, Avatar producers have expressed their gratitude to movie-goers for their continued support of the franchise as they await the release of the long-anticipated sequel next year. "Irayo (thank you) to our fans in China for coming out to see Avatar on the big screen this weekend!," they tweeted from the film's account, adding: "This crown belongs to Na’vi Nation - it couldn’t have happened without you."