Russia's arm production and stockpiles not in best shape – Military Intelligence

Russian shahed with a Ukrainian SIM card
Russian shahed with a Ukrainian SIM card

Russia is currently fall short of its planned drone production but have ample reserves of small arms and certain types of missiles, said Military Intelligence spokesperson Andriy Yusov in an interview on December 6.

Despite facing a critical shortage of modern technologies, Russians still “have certain capabilities,” said Yusov.

“The production of missiles is ongoing. They try their best to deliver more strike drones. This is indeed a concern for us, as it is a consequence of evading sanctions. However, the production of drones itself is not state-of-the-art. The issue lies in meeting the set volumes and announced plans, which currently is not the case,” he said.

“Russia has a substantial supply that would fit a significant number of reserve personnel, when it comes to small arms. There is a virtually unlimited number of Soviet small arms in Russia,” he added.

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Russia also possesses enough S-300 missiles to continue posing a threat to Ukraine’s civilian population.

"Of course, this is not precision weaponry,” said Yusov. “It simply flies in acertain direction and targets what is within that area. This weapon is primarily aimed at civilian population and infrastructure.”

Russia is rebuilding its forces and capabilities and preparing for a potential confrontation with NATO, said Lieutenant General Jürgen-Joachim von Sandrart, NATO Multinational Corps Commander on Dec. 5.

Russia has started replenishing its strategic missile stock, which serves ascarriers for nuclear weapons, said Yuriy Ihnat, the Ukrainian Air Force’s spokesperson, on Dec. 4.

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