Russia appeared to waste a Lancet drone on decoy of a Ukrainian Su-25 aircraft, video shows

  • A video appears to show a Russian Lancet drone striking a Ukrainian Sukhoi Su-25 jet.

  • However, the jet appears to be a decoy.

  • Both Russia and Ukraine have used decoys throughout the conflict.

Russia attacked what appeared to be a decoy of a Ukrainian Sukhoi Su-25 jet at an air base.

A video circulating on social media shows the strike filmed from above, as well as footage from the attacking Russian Lancet drone.

The video shows the Lancet blowing up the Ukrainian fighter jet, which was stationed at Kryvyi Rih Air Base.

However, observers noted that the jet's wings did not blend with its nacelles, the covers that contain the plane's engines, suggesting that the plane was a decoy.

X user Osinttechnical, which is an account affiliated with the Center for Naval Analyses, noted that the decoy was "remarkably accurate" and might have even used donor parts from a retired Su-25.

In October, it was reported that Russian Lancet drones struck two Ukrainian Su-25s over the course of three weeks at Kryvyi Rih Air Base. A drone also reportedly struck a Ukrainian MiG-29 fighter at the air base in September.

The air base in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast in southeastern Ukraine is about 50 miles away from the front lines.

Any losses are a blow to Ukraine's relatively feeble air force. At the beginning of the Russian invasion in February, it numbered 150 aging Soviet-era fighters.

In 2024, it expects to take delivery of a fleet of US F-16s provided by a consortium of nations.

The Lancet drone has proven itself to be a deadly weapon throughout the war and has been adapted to evade Ukrainian defenses and increase its range.

Both Russia and Ukraine have used decoys throughout the war, which military experts say can be highly effective in tricking enemy forces into wasting ammunition and potentially giving away their position.

Decoy examples have included wooden knockoffs, high-quality lookalikes, and paintings.

Satellite imagery previously showed that Russia had painted decoy Tu-95 strategic bombers on the tarmac of its main bomber air base.

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