Rupert Grint faces battle with neighbours over new barn plans

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Harry Potter star Rupert Grint has upset his neighbours by making plans to convert a barn behind his 18th century country mansion into three eco-friendly houses.

Wildlife Trust officials and members of the local parish council in Kimpton, Hertfordshire are opposing the actor's building application, insisting renovations on his six-bedroom estate have gone too far.

One neighbour, Tim James, told the Daily Mail: "I object to this development due to the impact on the local road network. The Kimpton Road - from Kimpton to Peters Green - is a single track road in numerous places."

He explained: "Often in pre-Covid times, this resulted in serious congestion in the mornings as there simply is not room to pass lorries and buses which are traversing in the opposite direction."

North Hertfordshire District Council leaders are currently looking at his plans and taking account of the objections before making a ruling.

New dad Grint was forced to withdraw his first application for the project, which suggested he wanted to turn the barn into six houses. Ironically, the 32-year-old attempted to sell the property last year but couldn't find a buyer.

Grint and actress Georgia Groome had a daughter together in May 2020. The pair have been an item since 2011.

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