Running one sub 4-min-mile is great - but how about one every year for 19 years! That's what Nick Willis has done.

Ben Hobson
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Photo credit: JOHNNY ZHANG
Photo credit: JOHNNY ZHANG

From Runner's World

Demonstrating that consistency and experience are a runner's best friend (plus a nice slice of natural talent), Nick Willis, a two-time Olympic medallist, has set a new record by running a sub-4-minute mile every year, for 19 years.

He ran his first one in 2003, when just 19 years old. He ran his 19th at 37 earlier this week. Nick’s run sets a new world record, previously held by fellow Kiwi John Walker who ran 18 sub-4 miles from 1973 to 1990.

His fastest came in 2014 when he ran 3:49.83, an incredible time nipping in under the 3m 50s mark. His 'slowest' time was his most recent, but it was only just slower than his first ever sub-4 mile, so it just goes to show that age doesn't have to be a huge barrier to running fast.

Nick's successive years of sub-4-minute miles:

3:58.15 4 h1 Notre Dame, IN Meyo Invitational 07-Feb-2003
3:53.51 2 Eugene, OR Bowerman Mile 19-Jun-2004
3:53.43 11 Oslo Bislett Games 29-Jul-2005
3:52.75 1 Wanganui 11-Feb-2006
3:55.09 4 New York, NY Reebok Grand Prix 02-Jun-2007
3:50.66 2 Eugene, OR Bowerman Mile 08-Jun-2008
3:53.54 1 Boston, MA 07-Feb-2009
3:55.26i 1 Boston, MA Reebok Indoor Games 06-Feb-2010
3:51.95 10 Eugene, OR Bowerman Mile 04-Jun-2011
3:51.77 7 Eugene, OR Bowerman Mile 02-Jun-2012
3:55.70 1 Des Moines, IA Drake Relays 27-Apr-2013
3:49.83 2 Oslo Bislett Games 11-Jun-2014
3:51.46. 2 New York, NY Wanamaker Mile 14-Feb-2015
3:51.06i 2 New York, NY Wanamaker Mile 20-Feb-2016
3:56.41 2 Huntington, NY Long Island Mile 06-Sep-2017
3:56.77 5 Birmingham Emsley Carr Mile 18-Aug-2018
3:55.45 9 London Emsley Carr Mile 21-Jul-2019
3:56.72i 5 New York, NY Wanamaker Mile 08-Feb-2020
3:58.63 2 Clermont, FL Orange Winter Classic #1 19-Jan-2021

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