Runner's simple breathing technique goes viral on TikTok

Jane McGuire
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Photo credit: Instagram/franziskaschoebel
Photo credit: Instagram/franziskaschoebel

From Runner's World

A simple breathing technique shared on TikTok by a runner in Germany has been viewed more than three million times, suggesting many runners have been looking for a way to improve their breathing on the run.

Franziska Schoebel, who also competes in CrossFit competition, suggests runners simply breathe in for two steps and breathe out for two steps. If you have a shorter stride length, she suggests you try the technique with three steps between each breath.

Experts have been coming up with running breathing techniques for years, but this one seems to have resonated with a huge number of people. The video has now been liked over 540,000 times. One runner commented, 'I have actually tried this and it helped me so much'. Another wrote, 'I actually needed to hear this because I was doing it every step and just about passing out every other 6 steps.'

Most new runners will have struggled to breathe when running. Dr William Roberts, director of the Sports Medicine Program at the University of Minnesota Medical School, US, explains that, ‘The brain has sensors that detect reductions in blood oxygen and will respond by “telling” the body to breathe faster and deeper,' when running. These lowered oxygen levels may account for the feeling of breathlessness early in your run, and this will be especially notable in those who are novice runners and/or who don’t exercise much.

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