Runners in England planning 330-mile 'bookrun' relay

Jane McGuire
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Photo credit: Phil Walter - Getty Images
Photo credit: Phil Walter - Getty Images

From Runner's World

  • Runners in England are planning a 330-mile 'bookrun' relay, to deliver a copy of Eileen Jones' new book, 'how parkrun changed our lives' to parkrun’s founder, Paul Sinton-Hewitt.

  • The book will travel from Jones' home in the Lake District to Bushy Park, the home of the first ever parkrun in 2004.

Eileen Jones, a writer and publicist, set out to tell individual runners' stories, by visiting parkruns all around the UK, in an attempt to capture the magic of the weekly free 5K races.

To celebrate the book's launch, starting last Friday, runners will take part in a 330-mile 'bookrun' relay. It will take 90 runners the week to complete the journey from Fell Foot Park in Windermere, the location of Jones' weekly parkrun which she helped to set up, to Bushy Park in London.

Along the route, you'll spot a few famous runners including the world mountain-running champion Sarah McCormack and ultrarunner Paul Tierney, holder of the 214 Wainwright fells record.

Updates have been posted on the 'bookrun' Facebook page. The runners, currently on Day Four of the challenge, will today carry the book from Stoke to Lichfield.

As RW's Rick Pearson wrote, 'When 13 runners gathered in Bushy Park in October 2004, little did they know they’d be starting a revolution. The idea was simplicity itself – a free, timed 5km run – and the finish tokens were washers from the local hardware store.'

Pre-pandemic, 3 million people across 20 countries take part in the weekly race.

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