Runner rescued after suffering ankle injury in Lake District

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Photo credit: joe daniel price - Getty Images
Photo credit: joe daniel price - Getty Images

A runner has been rescued after suffering an ankle injury on a fell in Cumbria.

Kendal Mountain Rescue Team were called out in the early hours of Monday morning to attend to the runner, who had become injured on Scout Scar, a fell on the edge of the Lake District.

In a Facebook post, the team said they were called out at 4.45am by North West Ambulance Service. They added: ‘A runner had suffered an ankle injury whilst out on Scout Scar. She was located next to the Mushroom monument and quickly assessed and treated by team members. Casualty was stretchered to the car park and we gave her a lift home as she was local to the area.’

Scout Scar is one of the fells featured in Alfred Wainwright’s book, The Outlying Fells of Lakeland. The runner was rescued from a memorial to King George V – known as ‘the mushroom' – which marks the 235 summit in Wainwright’s book, although there is actually another summit marginally higher to the south.

Trail or fell running comes with certain risks that runners should be prepared for. One recent study found that of 51 fatalities during mountain races in Western Europe from 2008-2019, around a third – 32 per cent – were due to falls. 69 per cent of fatalities occurred during races, compared to 25 per cent during training and 6 per cent after races.

But that shouldn’t put any trail runners off their next race. The study’s researchers concluded: ‘Understanding all of the causes of fatal events is necessary to institute preventative efforts and to organise rescues. Preventative efforts should be implemented by race organisers and by athletes themselves, and rescue teams can be trained and equipped to address all of these possible events.’

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