Runner creates Strava art in image of Peter Crouch

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Photo credit: Michael Regan - Getty Images
Photo credit: Michael Regan - Getty Images

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If you’re going to create Strava art in the image of a sportsman, picking Peter Crouch is the long and hard way to do it. But the 6ft 7ins former England striker has been immortalised on the streets of London by runner Matt Peck.

Peck’s 23km route, which created a GPS outline of Crouch, took in a series of checkpoints that had some significance to the rangy footballer.

Among them were Liverpool Road (Crouch made 85 appearances for the The Reds), Drayton Manor High (Crouchy’s alma mater) and Abbey Road (an nod to his model wife, Abbey Clancy).

Peck’s efforts were not lost on Crouch, who wrote it Twitter: ‘Big fan of Matt’s running route.’

Speaking to SPORTBible about how he came up with the route, Peck said: I've been spending a lot of lockdown coming up with little personal running challenges and learned a lot about Ealing where I live – Freddie Mercury went to Uni here and [former tennis player] Fred Perry lived here. for example.

‘The challenge was "Run An Ode to Someone Special". Now, I'm not a stalker but I knew Peter Crouch grew up in Ealing because he always talks about the curry house, Samrat, so I did a little research to pull out some key facts about him, and started plotting a route.

‘Obviously, the schools are easy to find. But the hardest bit was plotting it all out on a map so that it semi-looked like the tall guy that Crouchy is.

‘To be honest, I wanted to give up after a leg and a half on the map – about 7km in – but I'm pretty stubborn so pushed through because...well, I thought I'd spent approximately five hours planning it, so I may as well finish it.’

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