You Can Run (Virtually) with the Female Running Club Challenging the Lack of Diversity in UK Running

Morgan Fargo

From Women's Health

  • June 3rd 2020 is Global Running Day – a worldwide celebration of running that encourages everyone to get moving.
  • This year, GRD has switched from physical events to a virtual 'Run 1, Tag 1' challenge
  • Fly Girl Collective, a group founded to encourage more black and BAME women to take part in fitness, are calling all 'fly girls' to join them

Global Running Day looks slightly different this year – where, before, thousands of runners would have gathered around the world to take part in physical running challenges, now the action's moved online, with runners gathering virtually to pledge miles to run as part of digital teams.

So far, 22,477 people from 164 countries have pledged their commitment to 'Run 1, Tag 1' on Global Running Day. This means people run one mile and then tag a friend to do the same, creating a virtual chain of runners across the world, getting moving and celebrating their love for the sport.

One fitness community – the Fly Girl Collective – have created a team that they actively want you to be a part of. Founded in 2015 by Matilda Egere-Cooper, the Fly Girl Collective is built around encouraging more black and BAME women to take part in exercise, 'helping you to live your best life through running and fitness'. In the UK, only 54% of black women hit the weekly recommended 150-minutes of exercise per week, this number drops to 50% for Asian women – something FGC are actively striving to change.

This year, on Global Running Day, FGC want you to run with their virtual team – calling on 'all Fly Girls in the UK and beyond to join us for a run in honour of Breona Taylor, George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery, three black Americans tragically killed this year.'

Fly Girl Collective's Global Running Day pledge includes the recognition that, whilst 'the act of running itself won't fix centuries of racial injustice, we'll run for healing in our community, for hope and to help ensure we never forget their names.'


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