Rumer Willis opens up about being body-shamed and called 'potato head'

Julia Hunt
Rumer Willis arrives for the premiere of Sony Pictures' "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California on July 22, 2019. (VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images)

Rumer Willis has told how she used to be bullied by online trolls who mocked her looks and called her “potato head”.

The US actress – who is the daughter of Hollywood stars Bruce Willis and Demi Moore – revealed that being body shamed online when she was younger affected her understanding of self-worth.

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She told the HuffPost: “They said I had a huge jaw. They said I had a potato head.

“When you’re 14 or 15, I didn’t really understand having value in myself yet.

“My mind went to, ‘OK, so if I get skinny or if I dress the right way or present myself very hyper-sexually and dress this way, then I’ll be valued’.”

Willis, 30, said she started to think that she would have value “if I’m desired by a man”.

“So much for me became wrapped up in that my value set is based on what other people think of me, and had nothing to do with what I thought about myself,” she said.

As she struggled to cope with the criticism, Willis turned to her famous mother.

“I definitely talked to my mom, and her thing was always, you can’t read the comments,” she said.

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“You could post the most beautiful picture about how you’ve gone and you’re helping kids or you’re giving your time and someone will still find a way to rag on you.”

The actress – who has been in films such as The House Bunny and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood – is active on social media herself and said it is important to her to try to “lead by example”.

“I still deal with insecurity and trying to figure out my own path in all of it,” she said.

Willis has two younger sisters – Scout, 28, and Tallulah, 25.

She also has two half-sisters from her dad’s marriage to model Emma Heming.