Royals comment on rumours they're moving to the US after children had their titles stripped

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might have some new royal neighbours over in the US if rumours about Denmark's Prince Joachim and Princess Marie are anything to go by.

To recap, last year Denmark's Queen Margrethe shocked fans when she announced that she had stripped four of her eight grandchildren of their titles. The move meant that the four children of her youngest son, Prince Joachim, would no longer be permitted to use their Prince and Princess titles.

"As of January 1 2023, the descendants of His Royal Highness Prince Joachim will only be able to use their titles of Count and Countess of Monpezat, their previous titles of Prince and Princess of Denmark ceasing to exist," a statement from the royal palace said at the end of last year.

As for why the decision was made, the palace said this was aimed at ensuring the children could live more 'normal' lives, following similar moves by other royal families in Europe who are slimming down their monarchies.

danish royals reply to rumours they're moving to the us
Patrick van Katwijk - Getty Images

Unsurprisingly however, there was a bit of tension amongst the family after the announcement was made. In fact, Nikolai (the oldest of Prince Joachim's children), said he and his siblings were "very sad" about the change and were in "shock" at how "quickly" the changes were made.

Now, it's possible that Nikolai and his siblings could have another change to contend with, as rumours suggest the family might be moving from their home in Paris to the US. Recently, Danish newspaper BT reported that Prince Joachim had secured a job in the defence industry in Washington, leaving many royal fans questioning the family's future.

This week, however, Princess Marie seemingly denied claims that she, her husband and their children were departing for the States. "Nothing has been confirmed, nothing has been announced, so [the rumours] don't come from us," she told Paris Match.

Marie and her family have lived in France since 2019, although she admitted to Paris Match that she's not sure how long they will continue living there.

So, there you have it!

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