Royal fans spot Kate Middleton's reassuring gesture to Princess Charlotte at funeral

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Photo credit: Chris Furlong - Getty Images
Photo credit: Chris Furlong - Getty Images

The Royal Family – along with leaders from across the world – gathered at Westminster Abbey this morning to say their goodbyes to Britain's longest-serving monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

Amongst them were two of the youngest royals, nine-year-old Prince George (the future King) and seven-year-old Princess Charlotte. Understandably, the service was an emotional time for the family, particularly for little Charlotte, who was seen being comforted by her mum, Kate Middleton.

ICYMI, just before the service began, the newly-appointed Princess of Wales placed her arm around her daughter, who was visibly nervous. And the moment did not go unnoticed by royal fans, as many took to social media to comment on the touching scene.

"Seeing Prince George and Princess Charlotte walk alongside the procession at the Queen’s funeral is very moving," tweeted Daily Mail reporter Sarah Packer. "So young, so much responsibility. Their mother Catherine, Princess of Wales, offering a comforting hand."

Photo credit: Chris Furlong - Getty Images
Photo credit: Chris Furlong - Getty Images

"I couldn't imagine doing this at a family funeral as a child... but I have to say the elegant yet somber mommy-and-me look on Princess Kate and Princess Charlotte is incredibly touching," another person tweeted, as someone else said: "Seeing Prince George and Princess Charlotte at the Queen funeral made me cry."

Others commented on the significance of the young royals being at Her Majesty's funeral. "That's beautiful, it will be tough for them but it will be a great memory in future years," a royal fan wrote, with another chiming into the conversation with: "With Prince George and Princess Charlotte at the funeral of their 'Gan Gan', they can see how loved and well respected she truly was. How she was known around the world and touched so many lives."

Some fans disagreed with the decision to allow George and Charlotte to attend the funeral, with a handful drawing a comparison to Princess Diana's funeral in 1997. "Don’t think it’s entirely appropriate for Prince George and Princess Charlotte, aged only 9 and 7, to walk behind their Grandmother's coffin and attend her funeral in a church of 2000 people (and millions of viewers)," one critic said on Twitter, adding: "Has William learned nothing from his mothers funeral?"

Earlier this year, the young royals also attended a memorial for their great-grandfather, Prince Philip, who passed away in April 2021.

Our thoughts are with all those mourning Her Majesty at this emotional time.

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