Royal fans are all saying the same thing about Princess Charlotte at the Queen's funeral

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Photo credit: HANNAH MCKAY - Getty Images
Photo credit: HANNAH MCKAY - Getty Images

Today saw a landmark event in British history: the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II, the country's longest-serving monarch. In attendance were plenty of military personnel, politicians, ambassadors and celebrities, alongside Her Majesty's nearest and dearest, including two of Catherine, Princess of Wales, and Prince William's children.

Along with her brother, Prince George, 9, who is one day set to inherit the throne following his father's turn as monarch, Princess Charlotte caught the eye of the millions who tuned in to watch the funeral on television. And it appears that there's a resounding shared sentiment when it comes to the 7-year-old – which is that she's incredibly 'poised' and 'well behaved' for such a young age.

Both Charlotte and George walked calmly and slowly behind their great-grandmother's coffin during its procession from Westminster Palace, where it had been lying-in-state, to Westminster Abbey, for a memorial service.

Speaking about the Princess, royal biographer and former Vanity Fair editor, Tina Brown, said there are already real similarities between Charlotte and the late Queen Elizabeth II.

"When Churchill first met the queen at the age of 2, he commented on her extraordinary gravity and her poise," Brown remarked during an interview today with CBS. "And I do feel somewhat the same way about Princess Charlotte."

Photo credit: JOSHUA BRATT - Getty Images
Photo credit: JOSHUA BRATT - Getty Images

Others online have echoed that opinion, with one social media user tweeting, "I find Princess Charlotte amazing. For a child of 7 she has a lot of poise and self control. Even hubby said, she seems older than 7... an old soul".

Another added, "Only seven years old, but the very epitome of Regal dignity and grace. Well done Princess Charlotte."

A third added, "Princess Charlotte, looking just as regal as her mother and displaying just as much grace."

Photo credit: Rob Pinney
Photo credit: Rob Pinney

After maintaining her composure and walking calmly with her family behind Her Majesty's coffin, little Princess Charlotte was seen looking emotional at Wellington Arch later in the day, and being comforted by her mother, the Princess of Wales.

While attending the funeral, the seven-year-old was also seen wearing a very special piece of jewellery - a brooch in the shape of a horse shoe, reportedly a gift from her late great-grandmother, The Queen.

It's said that the Wales' left the decision of whether or not to attend the Queen's funeral up to Charlotte and George, and were keen not to put pressure on their children either way. Their youngest child, Prince Louis, who is just four, was not in attendance due to being too young to understand the significance of the event. He was instead being cared for by his long-term nanny.

During a walkabout to view floral tributes left in memory of Her Majesty, the Princess of Wales said to a member of the public that Louis had said (upon learning of the Queen's death), "At least Grannie is with great grandpa now."

Our thoughts are with all those mourning the Queen.

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