Royal fans split over who Prince Louis most looks like - so is it George, Charlotte or someone else?

Rebecca Taylor
Royal Correspondent
Royal fans are split over who Prince Louis looks like. (Duchess of Cambridge)

Royal fans are split over who Prince Louis looks most like as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge released new pictures of the young prince to mark his second birthday.

Louis, who is fifth in line to the throne, looks grown up in the new images, dressed in a blue gingham shirt and with his hair combed neatly.

Some fans are convinced he is the image of his older brother Prince George, who is six years old.

But some say the prince may look like George but has the colouring of his sister, Princess Charlotte, who is four years old.

Other royal fans have gone further back in the generations to look for similarities.

Kate as a pupil at St Andrew's School in Pangbourne. (Getty Images)
Royal fans think Louis looks like his grandfather, Michael Middleton. (Reuters)

Some say the two-year-old looks like his grandfather, Kate’s dad Michael Middleton.

Debating the prince’s lookalikes, one said: “He looks so much like Kate’s Dad! Wow!”

Another said: “Mom's eyes, mom's smile. He's adorable.”

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One fan noted: “Duchess Kate your cutie pie looks exactly like your father!”

Another added: “I almost confused him with his brother.”

One said: “He is a total mix of George and Charlotte!”

There are also comparisons with Kate herself, but some fans have noticed another royal link.

When Prince Edward, the Queen’s youngest son and Prince Louis’s uncle, celebrated his birthday, the Royal Family shared some photos from his childhood, and some thought he looked like his nephew.

One said: “Prince Edward as a baby looks a bit like George and Louis.”

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Some spot the likeness between Louis and George, seen here aged 2 in 2016. (Getty Images)
Others think Louis has the same darker hair as his sister. (Getty Images)

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Sometime family similarities can even confuse the royals themselves, as happened once with Prince William.

The Duke of Cambridge, 37, mistook a picture of himself as a child to one of his daughter Charlotte.

Some of the images which led to the confusion from William between him and his daughter. (Getty Images)
Charlotte has previously been compared to her father. (Getty Images)

During a visit to Khidmat Centre in Bradford earlier this year, he was given a cupcake with a baby photo on top of it.

He asked: “Is that me? Or is that Charlotte? Is that me?”

Looking to his wife and the baker, he said: “Is that me? Oh my goodness that looks just like Charlotte, that is incredible.”

Prince George and Charlotte have both been compared to their father, and to Princess Diana, their grandmother.