Body language experts compare Harry and Meghan's engagement interview to William and Kate's

How did Harry and Meghan’s first interview compare to William and Kate’s? [Photo: BBC]

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle spoke about their engagement in their first interview together on Monday evening.

The newly engaged royal couple appeared relaxed and happy to talk about each other in front of the world’s media.

When Prince William got engaged to Kate Middleton in 2010, it was a different story. Whether the couple felt more pressure since William is the heir to the throne, the first in their families to get engaged or are just more introverted, their interview was full of stiff movements and awkward expressions.

We asked two body language experts to see how Harry and Meghan really compare to William and Kate.

Body language experts say Meghan and Harry appear far more comfortable in front of the cameras [Photo: BBC]

“William and Harry have always been tightly bonded in terms of friendship and there is a passing visual similarity between Kate and Meghan but the body language and verbal techniques used at their engagement interviews were a world apart,” said Judi James, body language analyst and author of ‘The Body Language Bible’.

Judi believes that William and Kate “stuck firmly to royal tradition” with William taking on more of a dominant role and Kate remaining submissive, “fact-checking him in a bid to get everything right.”

Noting that the couple displayed “little if anything in the form of PDA,” Judi states that Harry and Meghan, meanwhile, “had already performed more PDA than the entire royal family put together.”

William and Kate, however, appeared stiff in their engagement interview [Photo: BBC]

“Harry and Meghan came across as relaxed, warm and comfortable in one another’s company,” agreed Elizabeth Kuhnke, communications specialist and author of ‘Body Language: Learn How to Read Others and Communicate with Confidence’.

She describes how the way the newly engaged couple sat – “close to one another, holding hands throughout” – speaks volumes about their personalities and the way they feel about each other.

“They were both supportive of one another. They treated one another with respect and Meghan’s comment about Princess Diana being with them showed her understanding, love and compassion for Harry.”

Meghan and Harry sat closer together and held hands throughout [Photo: BBC]

“William – being the first of the princes to have to perform to the world stage when announcing their engagement – was stiffer. William and Kate were not as physically close as Harry and Meghan with William doing most of the talking.”

Judi adds that Harry’s relationship comes across more “equal-looking” than his older brother’s. “The key difference between the two was that Meghan led this interview. She was eloquent and confident and although she listened adoringly as Harry spoke, she was happy to interrupt, finish his sentences or even correct him in a way that a more socially cautious Kate wouldn’t have done.”

This could be down to Meghan’s background as an actress and experience in giving interviews to the media.

Kate laughed and smiled but let William do most of the talking [Photo: BBC]

Interestingly, she describes William as a “traditional alpha” while Harry’s “anxiety signals were much more obvious as his blink rate increased and he chewed away at his bottom lip.”

Both experts agreed that Harry and Meghan seem perfect for each other with Elizabeth saying the couple “demonstrated an easy compatibility.”

“The key moment came when Harry spoke of his mother and a cloud fell over his face but Meghan took over and showed empathy in a caring way that looked almost maternal,” finished Judi.

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