The Royal Box episode 26: The charity ‘split’ and what Americans think of the Royal Family

The Sussexes have officially split away from their joint The Royal Foundation with the Cambridges, so what does this mean for the future? CNN’s royal commentator Victoria Arbiter, royal author Phil Dampier and PR expert Nick Ede discuss the pros and cons with host Kate Thornton. They also discuss the recent royal family get-togethers at Trooping the Colour, Garter day and Ascot and whether these ceremonial traditions will continue in future when Charles and then William are king. Victoria Arbiter, speaking from a US perspective, gives her take on what Americans think of the Royal Family. Elsewhere, Yahoo UK’s royal correspondent Danielle Stacey speaks to Princess Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell. Before working for Diana, Mr Burrell was a footman for the Queen. He tells some of his favourite anecdotes about Her Majesty, including their flight on Concorde and how she’s a great mimic. He also reveals that Meghan Markle wouldn’t have been given any formal preparation for joining the Royal Family.

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