Royal biographer riled by Vanessa Feltz's Meghan Markle questions

Royal biographer Angela Levin was put on the spot by Vanessa Feltz on Talk TV, who challenged the author's outspoken views on Harry and Meghan.

Video transcript

VANESSA FELTZ: It's a question about-- what do you base your thoughts on? Whether you've just imagined, it whether you're projecting, whether you really know, whether you actually have experience, whether they're facts, whether it's conjecture. You know, say what you think. But what are the thoughts based on is the question, isn't it?

ANGELA LEVIN: If you are only here to attack me, if you want to attack me, you shouldn't invite me on because I think that is inappropriate.

VANESSA FELTZ: I'm not-- I don't think I'm attacking you. I'm just asking you.

ANGELA LEVIN: No, you're not just asking me. You've got an agenda there to attack me. And so I think you should finish.

VANESSA FELTZ: I certainly haven't. I've got no agenda at all. I have no agenda at all, but I certainly am aware that people feel that. For example, when we're talking at the beginning of the program about--


VANESSA FELTZ: --comments made about Meghan weren't we and-- and it was being said that she had said that she wouldn't go on the warpath, that she would only go if she was followed by Netflix cameras, this kind of thing. And that was false. It was completely false.


VANESSA FELTZ: And we-- I mean, it's been suggested that you were one of the people tweeting that. And apparently, there's no factual evidence for that at all. I mean, if you're going to tell me that there is, that's fine. Is there?

ANGELA LEVIN: Even if I have [INAUDIBLE] And I don't really think I want to be invited on to this program and then to be treated in this manner. So, well, I think [INAUDIBLE]

VANESSA FELTZ: I hope you haven't felt that I've treated you discourteously. I was only wondering whether you might--

ANGELA LEVIN: Well, that's--

VANESSA FELTZ: Well, then-- felt that Meghan might--



ANGELA LEVIN: --for me again.

VANESSA FELTZ: I don't know, more compassion and maybe a more-- maybe a more sort of forgiving-- a forgiving reception possibly. That's all I was asking you. Anyway I'm very grateful for you coming on the program. And thank you very much indeed. That is Angela Levin, and she is the biographer of Prince Harry and also of the Queen Consort.