Royal baby: Meghan Markle is saving a special heirloom to pass on to her daughter

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The Duchess of Sussex purchased the watch as a gift to herself (Getty Images)
The Duchess of Sussex purchased the watch as a gift to herself (Getty Images)

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are due to welcome their second child, a baby girl, this summer.

As Meghan revealed in an interview in 2015, their daughter will receive a special gift that she has been saving for a number of years.

Prior to marrying Prince Harry, Meghan was a successful Hollywood actress on the television drama Suits.

It was during her days acting as Rachel Zane that she splurged on an expensive and timeless gift to herself, a £4,200 Cartier watch – with the hopes that she would one day pass it on to her daughter.

Speaking to Hello! magazine in 2015, Meghan said: “I’ve always coveted the Cartier French Tank watch.”

So when the former actress found out that the show had been picked up for a third season, she “totally splurged” and bought a two-tone version of the watch.

Meghan even engraved the classic piece with “To M.M. From M.M” - and revealed she plans to “give it to my daughter one day.”

The jewellery is even more sentimental because Meghan always knew what she wanted to do with the designer timepiece.

“That’s what makes pieces special, the connection you have to them,” the Duchess of Sussex told the magazine.

The Cartier Tank was also a favourite of Princess Diana, Prince Harry’s late mother, who owned a Tank Louis Cartier and an all-gold Tank Française, according to the New York Times.

The watch design itself is over 100 years old, which makes it the perfect piece for a family heirloom.

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