Royal baby gives first royal wave in first photos alongside parents Kate Middleton and Prince William!

Kate Middleton and Prince William looked every inch the glowing parents as they left the Lindo Wing last night to take the royal baby home.

The new parents couldn't help beaming as they introduced their as yet unnamed son, the Prince of Cambridge, to the world outside the private wing of St. Mary's Hospital in Paddington at around 7.15pm yesterday.

Body language expert Judi James points to Kate's 'relaxed' attitude while new dad William took on the more protective role over their newborn.

"There was a slightly more softened look to Kate's smile in terms of eye and mouth shape, suggesting a happy and more relaxed attitude to all the press attention," reveals Judi.

"Her social smiles are perfect but this one clearly had added warmth and affection."

"William's smile was classic new dad; a broad mouth stretch but with a tightened top lip suggesting he is bursting with pride at their latest achievement."

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The Duchess carried her newborn out of the hospital but quickly passed him over to Prince William who took the lead when speaking to the world's press who had been camped outside for weeks awaiting this historical moment.

"Kate showed no symptoms of being an anxious new mum, rocking the baby gently but also managing to peel her eyes away from its face rather than checking nervously," notes Judi.

"William did take the baby from her and cradle it a little bit as though it might break, which is understandable with something so precious and tiny."

The barely one-day-old future monarch was swaddled in a blanket and even gave the waiting crowds his first ever royal wave!

"Kate and William's baby was clearly keen to earn its place in the photo-shoot!" explains Judi.
"Both hands were waving upwards throughout and although this might just be the sign of an active but happy baby, I will continue to believe that he was performing his first royal wave!"

"Of course there is no way of reading a new baby's body language in terms of its future behaviour but  I'm going to have a bit of fun and take a punt that this is going to be an active, confident royal who might even upstage his popular royal parents!"

In keeping with the balmy summers night, the Duchess chose a bespoke cornflower blue polka dot dress by Jenny Packham for her exit outfit reminiscent of Princess Diana's outfit when Prince William was introduced to the world in 1982

The cute summer dress was paired with nude La Pierre Imperia wedges and of course her famous engagement ring, as worn by William's late mother.

Earlier in the day there were reports that the royal hairdresser had arrived at the hospital around 10am to help prepare Kate for the photos the entire world were waiting to see - so no pressure then!

When the new family emerged, the 31-year-old looked understandably tired but utterly radiant with her signature locks blow-dried to perfection.

Kate stuck to what she knew with her make-up too with her fave eyeliner and rosy-cheeked look albeit more natural looking than at her 2011 wedding.

New father William jointly apologised for making everyone wait so long and when asked about his son and heir quipped, "He's got a good pair of lungs on him!"

As Kate revealed that William had already changed his first nappy, the Duke also joked: "He's got his mother's looks…thankfully!"

The only thing more exciting than seeing the new Prince of Cambridge was finding out his name but his father revealed they "weren't quite there yet" so it looks like we've got a little more waiting to do before we find out the moniker of the future King of England.

After greeting the waiting crowds, the young family returned briefly to the hospital to strap the less than 24 hours old baby into his car seat before taking him home.

William looked like any normal first time dad as he strapped his son into the back of a black Range Rover next to his mum, breathing a sigh of relief before jumping into the front seat and driving his family home to Kensington Palace, which Judi says highlighted his slightly anxious behaviour.

The wait now begins to learn the name of the newest member of the British royal family.

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