Roxy Earle calls out the 'heroin chic' trend on Instagram: 'My body is not a trend'

TORONTO, ON - SEPTEMBER 08:  Roxy Earle attends The Hollywood Foreign Press Association and InStyle Party during 2018 Toronto International Film Festival at Four Seasons Hotel on September 8, 2018 in Toronto, Canada.  (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images,)
Roxy Earle called out the "heroin chic" body trend on Instagram. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images,) (Michael Loccisano via Getty Images)

Roxy Earle is hitting back at a resurging '90s body trend.

Over the weekend, the "Real Housewives of Toronto" star took to Instagram to open up about the "heroin chic" body trend and how it's harmful to society.

'Heroin chic' was a term popularized in the early 1990s fashion world. The look is characterized by thin frames, dark circles under the eyes, pale skin and emaciated features — all traits associated with the use of heroin or other drugs.

In the video, the 39-year-old filmed herself smiling at the camera in a white robe before showing screenshots of news articles that highlighted the return of the trend.

In the caption, the television personality got real about her body and how it's "not a trend."

"My body is not a trend. I can’t exchange her for bigger or smaller versions as we move through seasons like a new dress. She’s mine, she’s healthy, she’s confident and she will not let you do this to her again," she penned. "We’ve barley recovered from the last time you shoved it down our throats that we needed to be one body type to be beautiful. Also heroin is never chic."

In the comments, fans agreed with Earle's post and thanked her for drawing attention to the issue.

"What! This is crazy! These headlines should be illegal!" commented a follower.

"Isn’t it crazy that a bodies are considered trends?" shared someone else.

"Really needed this today," wrote another alongside the praying and red heart emojis.

"The term heroine chic' is so toxic on many levels. How is it okay to use this term still?! Completely agree with this," added a fan.

This isn't the first time that Earle has opened up about her body.

Last month, the mother-of-one revealed how she overcame body insecurity in a candid video while she was on vacation.

"POV: After years of insecurities watching smaller women wear chic swimsuits that would never fit, you now feel amazing wearing swimsuits with your name on the label on your bodacious body," she wrote as on-screen text.

In the caption, the reality star explained that she became confident when she stopped trying to fit in with non-inclusive brands and people.

"The most amazing thing happened when I stopped desperately seeking the acceptance from people and industries that didn’t want me," she penned to her 101,000 followers. "I outgrew them!"

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