Rosie HW Has Finally Launched Her Own Beauty Line—Here's What's Worth Buying

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From following her full skincare routine (in the name of research, of course) to sniffing out her signature scent, when it comes to beauty products there is one woman whose recommendations I always trust: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. The supermodel and Rose Inc founder always shares the chicest beauty picks on her Instagram—from lipsticks to fragrances—and you can bet that if Rosie swears by it then it must be something pretty special. Thankfully, though, Rosie has finally turned her attention to her own beauty products, rather than recommending others. That's right, her very own beauty line has finally landed and to say that I'm excited about it would be very much an understatement.

Named after her wildly successful beauty commerce site, Rose Inc is an expertly curated edit of makeup and skincare essentials that should slot effortlessly into our existing beauty routines. And Rosie isn't alone in this endeavour, she's partnered with Caroline Hadfield of Amyris—the biotechnology company behind one of my favourite skincare brands, Biossance—to guarantee that each and every product is backed by science. The result is a collection of non-comedogenic formulations (meaning they won't clog your pores) that are brimming with nourishing ingredients (Rose Inc promises at least 5 per product) and with multipurpose textures that feel intuitive to use. Plus, these products are affordable too—with most coming in at around the £20 part. But which Rose Inc products are actually worth spending your cash on right now?

As a major Rosie fan girl, I've been lucky enough to have been testing out the entire Rose Inc collection over the last week or so and I feel pretty confident that I've got to grips with the products. So, putting my impartial beauty editor hat back on for the moment, I'm about to give you a run down of every product in the Rose Inc line and whether or not I think it's any good.

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Rose Inc Softlight Luminous Hydrating Concealer (£23)

This was the one product that I was most excited to try because, let's face it, Rosie HW is known for her amazing skin. However, she's also spoken about her experiences with acne and as a spot-prone person I'm always keen to find non-cakey concealers to cover blemishes. First up, I'll be totally honest: I chose the wrong shade for me. And while it's a beautifully creamy, moisturising concealer it does pack a punch when it comes to pigment (a good thing!) which means I haven't been able to truly wear this in the way that I'd like as it's slightly too dark. I will say, though, that if you're able to find a shade that works for you—there are 20 available—then this gives great coverage while remaining skin-like in finish. In fact, it feels so lightweight that I think it would work applied basically all over your face like a foundation.

Rose Inc Blush Divine Radiant Lip & Cheek Colour (£23)

If I'm honest, I'd buy this for the packaging alone as that refillable compact is undeniably chic. Thankfully, though, the multipurpose cream pigment is actually worth the money—although, be warned, it really does pack a punch when it comes to colour pay-off. I've tried Azalea, a deep berry which looked gorgeous on my lips but was too dark for my cheeks, and Anemone, a beautiful coral-peach, and I'm totally sold. This product genuinely works well on both lips and cheeks (lots of multipurpose products fall down on one) and offers a luminous wash of colour that can be built up or worn sheer. Perhaps my favourite thing in the collection.

Rose Inc Brow Renew Enriched Shaping Gel (£20)

I am pretty loyal to my Glossier Boy Brow so it really does take a lot for a brow gel to impress me. Rose Inc's Brow Renew comes in clear and tinted formulations that are packed with conditioning ingredients like squalane, vitamins E and B5 and pea sprout. So far, so good. But here's the thing, while I so desperately wanted to like this product I found that the actual formulation felt a little dry for me—or at least I struggled to pick up much of the product on the brush. While the brush itself did do a great job of combing through my unruly brows, when it came to the tint itself I didn't get as much colour pay-off as I'd personally like. Saying that, I know that some people find themselves being too heavy-handed when applying tinted brow gels and if it's a softer look that you're after then you might like this.

Rose Inc Lip Sculpt Enriched Amplifying Colour (£20)

Okay, okay, I haven't actually tried this product yet—it's the one Rose Inc product that I haven't got my hands on yet but I am desperate too after watching a video of Rosie applying it on Instagram. It's a matte lip colour with all of the hydration of a balm and it looks gorgeous. "Matte lip colors can be drying, but this nourishing, hydrating formula feels like a lip treatment," Huntington-Whiteley says in the press release. "I reach for it the same way I would a lip balm—and apply it just as easily."

Rose Inc Radiant Reveal Brightening Serum (£53)

Rosie created this hydrating serum after being fed up of having to pick between using something luxurious and something that would be non-comedogenic and good for her skin. I often have to compromise in a similar way when it comes to skincare so I am over the moon about this formulation. It's the most expensive product in the collection so far, but it's so worth it. Not only does it smell incredible, like neroli and patchouli, but it delivers on the glow. I love applying it before makeup as the luminosity shines through. A new skincare favourite.

Rose Inc Skin Resolution Clarifying Toner (£25)

I tend to skip toners unless they contain active ingredients and this one does—hooray! It actually contains a powerhouse concoction of salicylic acid from willow bare to purify pores and a blend of mandelic, lactic, glycolic, tartaric and pyruvic acids (phew) to gently exfoliate. There's also a whole host of other great ingredients to refine texture, improve tone and hydrate. But does that long ingredients list actually deliver? I have to say it really does. From the first use I noticed how much brighter my skin looked, and after using it for over a week I think that my skin feels softer and looks more even in tone. It's the only toner step I've reached for since receiving it and that's really saying something.

Rose Inc Concealer Brush (£20)

If you're used to applying concealer with a brush then the shape and texture of this one really does make light work of blending product out. However, I tend to apply concealer with my fingers—and found that method worked just as well with the Rose Inc concealer—so I wouldn't say that this brush blew me away enough to recommend you rush out and buy it.

Rose Inc Blush Brush (£22)

This brush, however, is a totally different story. Firstly, I don't have anything like it in my collection—the angled tip and density of the bristles really made it easy to pick up the blush colour and blend it out onto my cheeks without anything looking patchy or streaky. Plus, it somehow diffused the edges of the colour without any skill on my part. Sold.

Rose Inc Reusable Cotton Rounds (£15)

Finally, a set of super-soft, reusable pads made from naturally antibacterial organic bamboo cotton. They pair perfectly with the Rose Inc skincare and can be tossed in the washing machine once they've been used. Sure, you can probably find cheaper ones out there, but this should last you the test of time.

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