Rosé prosecco is set to be your favourite drink for summer 2021

Italy has approved the pink-hued bubbly for production (Getty Images)

People have been turning to prosecco to motivate them through Pilates workouts in coronavirus lockdown.

Now, there’s something else to look forward to - the popular alcoholic drink has been given a pretty upgrade.

A new creation - called rosé prosecco - is set to hit shelves for summer 2021 after Italy approved it for production.

Previously, the country’s Prosecco DOC Consortium didn’t allow the pink-hued beverage to be made, after previous conceptions weren’t quite up to scratch.

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However, after a unanimous decision on behalf of Italy's Ministry of Agricultural Food and Forestry's Policies National Wine Committee, this restriction has now been removed.

This means that rosé prosecco will now become a part of the north east Italian region’s offerings.

While winemakers have been making pink prosecco for a while, this will be the first time rosé prosecco has been produced in a way that meets the nation’s high prosecco standards.

The announcement says drinkers can expect it to be “pink, more or less intense, shining, and with a persistent foam".

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Given it has only just been approved, it is unclear exactly when it could become available in the UK.

If you’re a particular fan of pink beverages, Starbucks is bringing its flamingo frappuccino to the UK for a limited time only.

The coffee chain’s ice-cool drink - specifically called the ‘Ruby Flamingo Frappuccino’ - comes in an Instagram-friendly pink shade that has seen it widely shared on social media from other countries where it is already available.

It contains a chocolate and raspberry-flavoured syrup, and is finished off with whipped cream.

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Now, British people will get to sample the limited edition cold beverage for just under a month - from June 4th to July 2nd.

Starbucks shared the good news on Twitter, writing: “Summer's coming early. Our NEW Frappuccino lands 4th June. Who’s ready?”

In a second post, the brand described the drink as “fun, fresh, fruity”.

On their website, they added: “The wait for an all-pink Frappuccino is over!

"Introducing the Ruby Flamingo Frappuccino Blended Beverage.

“It's the perfect blend of ruby chocolate pieces, raspberry syrup and topped with an all-pink whipped cream. A pink dream!"

Commenting on social media on the news, one person wrote: “My heartbeat is out of control now.”

Another shared: “Take all my money.”

And a fourth added: “OMG!! Sooo exiting!!”