Rose McGowan accuses Twitter of trying to 'silence' her

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Rose McGowan has accused Twitter of trying to "silence" her by suspending her from the site after she posted a controversial picture of former U.S. President Bill Clinton.

The Charmed star hit headlines when she criticised Vice President Kamala Harris for appearing alongside Clinton and other Democrats at the Clinton Global Initiative summit last month, with her asking Harris to "ask him about being on an island of human trafficking victims 27 times," referring to Clinton's friendship with late convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Rose went on to share a photograph which purported to be of a naked Clinton being massaged by an unidentified woman on a bed, alongside the caption: "Photo taken on Epstein Island."

The snap was actually taken by British artist Alison Jackson and depicted a lookalike of the former leader, but led to Rose being suspended from Twitter.

In response, via a video shared by, Rose asked the Twitter CEO: "What are you so afraid of, Jack Dorsey? A little freedom of speech? Going against your cronies? I don't understand why you support evil, Jack Dorsey. And why you lie.

"I was just trying to drive a point home about a disgusting human doing a disgusting thing. I know that Twitter is trying to silence me and I know a lot of powerful Democrats are behind it."

McGowan continued to allege that she's been "shadow banned" from the site since she came forward in 2017 to accuse Harvey Weinstein of raping her in 1997.

"I'm tired of having these men's feet on my neck. I am tired of having their hand over my mouth," she said. "With the amount of disgusting people on Twitter, it's really shocking that somebody who, you know, helped put a criminal in prison is being punished for it, is being punished for going up against the Clintons, is being punished for going up against the machine. Because these guys are all supposed to be tech bros, right?

"They're supposed to be the freedom of speech people. That's what they stand for. And that is a lie. Just let me speak... I'm a lot less dangerous than you think. I am more dangerous if you silence me."

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed to Fox News that McGowan had been suspended from the site, and added that she "must delete the violative content before being able to Tweet again".