This Rose Gold KitKat Chunky Has Pink Wafer Inside

Anna Lewis
Photo credit: HelenJTea

From Delish

Wouldn’t everything be nicer if it was pink? And food in particular always seems more Instagrammable when it’s got a cute baby pink hue to it.

Take this new rose gold KitKat chunky for example. HelenJTea’s Instagram account shared photos and videos of the glorious-looking white chocolate KitKat Chunky, which has pink swirls running through it. Plus, get this… the wafer inside is pink!

(Well, it’s less pink and more purple, tbh, but close enough.)

The rose gold KitKat Chunky, which is usually only available in Russia, has a “flavour of the strawberry white chocolate in the rose gold”, and HelenJTea felt that the “flavours worked perfectly combined with the KitKat wafer.”

So, yeah, these chocolate bars come from Russia, but thanks to GB Gifts, us Brits can get our hands on them too. Each bar costs £3.99, not including postage and packing.

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If you like this pink KitKat, I’m guessing you’ll probably be into Costa’s new ruby cocoa hot chocolate too.

Photo credit: Costa

The dreamy hot chocolate is made from ruby cocoa beans, which are naturally pink in colour and have a fruity taste to them. So, that’s what gives the drink its amazing baby pink colour and its hint-of-berry flavour. With a swirl of whipped cream and some pink chocolate curls on there, and you know it’s #grid time.

As well as this fit-for-a-princess drink, which costs £3.35, Costa also has three other new hot drinks to shout about: a Coconut Latte (£2.55) a Coconut Flat White (£2.70) and a Coconut Hot Chocolate (£3.35).

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