Rory Cowan Quit ‘Mrs. Brown’s Boys’ Because The ‘Bored’ Actor Felt Like He Was Working ‘In The Civil Service’

Rory Cowan has shed more light on his decision to quit ‘Mrs. Brown’s Boys’, admitting he was “bored”.

It was confirmed the star, who plays Agnes’ son Rory in the hit BBC sitcom, was leaving the show on stage at the o2 on Sunday, after the final gig of the ‘Mourning Mrs Brown’ tour.

<strong>Rory Cowan says starring in 'Mrs. Browns Boys' had become a "chore".</strong> (Photo: BBC)
Rory Cowan says starring in 'Mrs. Browns Boys' had become a "chore". (Photo: BBC)

After initially refusing to be drawn on his reasons for quitting after 26 years of working with the show’s creator and lead star Brendan O’Carroll, Rory told The Mirror it had started to feel like a “chore”.

He said: “I got tired of it, I haven’t been happy for the last two years working there.

“There was no row with Brendan, there was no dispute over money or anything – in fact quite the opposite. I got so well paid it enabled me to be able to leave.

“We’re so big now that years are scheduled out. It’s not exhausting, it’s just boring.”

Rory also admitted he had no regrets after working with Brendan O’Carroll for over a quarter of a century.

<strong>Rory (left) with Brendan O'Carroll as Mrs. Brown.</strong> (Photo: BBC)
Rory (left) with Brendan O'Carroll as Mrs. Brown. (Photo: BBC)

He added: “It can’t get any bigger now and just knowing what you were going to be doing, it was starting to get a bit like the civil service.

“It was becoming a chore for me, doing the same thing... For the first time in years I feel alive.”

Brendan O’Carroll has also spoken out about Rory’s decision to quit, which he gave his full blessing.

(Photo: BBC)
(Photo: BBC)

Brendan told The Irish Sun: “To all of us it feels like Ronaldo ­leaving Man Utd. But Ronaldo went on to amazing success which I know Rory will too.

“I can’t even quantify the ­contribution Rory has made to our success and the wellbeing of me and my family, not just on screen or stage but way before that as a friend and a driving force in getting us here. He’s a legend.”

‘Mrs Brown’s Boys’ started life as a stage show, before being picked up by the BBC in 2011.

Its success also led to a spin-off chat show, ‘All Round To Mrs Brown’s’, which aired on Saturday nights earlier this year, following a big-screen outing for the gang in 2014.

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