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With many public service business, including hairdressers, being unable to open for the foreseeable future, many of us are getting to grips with colouring our hair at home.

Even for first timers, it's not as hard as we feared, famed colourist Josh Wood told Bazaar. But for some, a simple brush-in-and-wash-out root cover-up could be the ideal compromise.

Celebrity stylist Chris Appleton previously revealed he uses the Color Wow Root Cover Up on his client Jennifer Lopez, which is perfect for concealing greys.

Appleton posted a picture in October of him applying it along the performer's hairline, with the caption: “Always covered with one of my favorites @colorwowhair Root touch up. I use it to blend extensions, make hairlines fuller and even create highlights.”

Of course, the ever-ageless Lopez doesn't appear to have any greys to cover, but it's useful to know that this two-in-one product could cover our roots in times of need, while also making our hair appear fuller.

When it comes to the act of covering greys, Wood suggests a layering approach for a professional finish.

"There are two very different ways of applying a root concealer," he says. "If you’re concealing roots for brown hair (your hair is tinted brown and you have grey hair coming through) it’s all about the density of colour; you need quite a lot of root concealer. I’ve really learned from our community that are concealing grey at home that they layer up: They’ll start with a clean, washed conditioned head of hair and they use the Josh Wood Colour Blending Brush which you paint onto wet hair and then you dry it in with your hairdryer. They’ll then top it up with either a Tinted Dry Shampoo or Root Marker. It really is about that density."

On blondes, in theory that's much more difficult, he says "– because you’ve got to keep the colour bright without looking muddy or dark. So try a tinted dry shampoo and/or our root marker. These products will take away the demarcation line that you may see between your root colour and the colour that you’ve been tinting."

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