Rooney Mara's Hair Stylist On Those Ombré Extensions For 'The Bitter Pill'

We're only just getting used to Rooney Mara's lightened locks and seriously lengthy extensions that she's sporting for the filming of The Bitter Pill. It's surely a less stressful transformation compared to the chop/dye/shave/piercing job that she endured for her role as Lisbeth in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. And now the actress' hair stylist, Kristina Barricelli (she's the co-owner of New York’s Gemini 14 salon, dontcha know) has dished on the new 'do. 

“Rooney was excited that she was unrecognisable — even her driver didn’t recognize her on the way out of the salon,” Kristina tells People magazine. “She was really excited because she’d never tried extensions.”

The film crew in question decided that single strand extensions would look far more realistic than a wig so Barricelli used Great Lengths extensions on the star. First, Barricelli’s sister dyed Mara’s hair — “She made it possible to take her from jet black to ombré without ever compromising the condition of Rooney’s hair” — then experts at a color lab in Italy hand dip-dyed the extensions to match. Good effort, folks!

But if you're wondering why the extensions look a little, well, scraggy, they're MEANT to be like that — in the film, Mara plays a disheveled women battling depression. “We decided ombré would give her the opportunity to look chic on the red carpet but still look unkempt for the movie. It was a perfect solution for her.” Ah, we seeee! “Rooney will have the extensions in until she’s done shooting,” Barricelli explains. “So it’ll be fun to see her play with her new hair.” Indeed it will — bring on her next red carpet outing please!

And we're rather intrigued by the idea of Roo wanting to be unrecognisable. Considering she's gone from girlie, to goth, to glam then hipster over the recent years, are constant beauty updates her way of staying incognito? We've compiled a gallery of her best beauty looks above to prove that this is one versatile little lady...

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