Ron Perlman and Rosanna Arquette cast in horror thriller Succubus

Ron Perlman will star in 'Succubus' credit:Bang Showbiz
Ron Perlman will star in 'Succubus' credit:Bang Showbiz

Ron Perlman and Rosanna Arquette are to star in the horror thriller 'Succubus'.

The duo will feature alongside Rachel Cook, Olivia Applegate, Derek Smith, Emily Kincaid and Finley Rose Slater in the film written and directed by R.J. Daniel Hanna.

'Succubus' tells the story of a new father going through a marital breakup as he joins a dating app and matches with a beautiful but mysterious young woman. Her powers of seduction and manipulation suck him into a mystery more terrifying than he could ever have imagined.

Shout! Studios are distributing the picture in North America with Todd Slater, Ari Novak and Anna Elizabeth James all serving as producers.

Hanna said: "'Succubus' is a first-and-foremost a wild and brazen mystery-horror film about the most terrifying series of events that could ever befall a guy who let his nether regions do the thinking for him.

"But beyond the body horror, which is ample, it also comments on the very real vampire that's sucking us all dry – our screens.

"As our hero is drawn by an online siren into her dark yet enticing world, he's forced to face all he's left behind, his whole real, meaningful life beyond the glowing rectangle he keeps in his pocket, and try to find a way back to it."

Shout! Studios' Jordan Fields said: "My favourite horror thrillers are ones that have something to say about human beings, and in 'Succubus', Daniel has crafted a chilling metaphor for the clutch that screens have on us.

"This will disturb and resonate, like the best of our genre."