Ron Perlman felt 'unworthy' around Marlon Brando

Ron Perlman has hailed his former co-star credit:Bang Showbiz
Ron Perlman has hailed his former co-star credit:Bang Showbiz

Ron Perlman felt he "wasn’t worthy" of Marlon Brando's time.

The 71-year-old actor starred alongside the Hollywood icon - who passed away in July 2004, aged 80 - in the 1996 movie 'The Island of Dr Moreau', and he's recalled being in awe of his co-star.

He shared: "He’s my acting idol. But being around him made me very quiet. I wasn’t me around him. I felt like I wasn’t worthy."

Ron now wishes he could spend some more time with the legendary actor, saying they'd have "a great f****** time".

He told The Independent: "I wish I had another shot at Marlon. He just loved to laugh. If me and Marlon were hanging out now, we’d have a great f****** time."

By contrast, Ron has no interest whatsoever in listening to film critics.

The actor has accused critics of being self-important and insisted they didn't really know what they're talking about.

He said: "F*** you and your self-importance with this self-perpetuating need to say everything bad about something just so that you can get some attention for something that you had no idea about creating. It’s corrupt. And it’s sick. And it’s twisted."

Meanwhile, Ron previously complained that some of his film projects have fallen victim to "horrible marketing".

The actor said: "I’ve been in a lot of movies that didn’t make a peep when they were initially put out into the marketplace, and then became more popular with the passage of time. I think that’s part of what your parameters are for a cult classic. Some of them suck. And some of them were just victimised by horrible marketing.

"And some of them were ahead of their time and got a bad shake from the critics, and people were not attracted to plunking down their money and celebrating those projects."