Rogue Agent: viewers saying the same thing about James Norton’s Netflix film

Rogue Agent is the latest Netflix film that everyone has been talking about - but are the reviews good or bad? Starring James Norton, the story follows the real-life story of conman Robert Hendy-Freegard, who convinced people that he was an MI5 agent.

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The synopsis reads: "Conman Robert Freegard poses as an undercover MI5 agent and kidnaps countless victims amidst a high-stakes manhunt until the woman who fell for him brings him to justice."

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Taking to Twitter to discuss, one person wrote: "#RogueAgent very good. Incredible story. Sadly, so many manipulations like this happen still happen today. Awareness like this is SO important... #mentalhealth matters (for both, the victim and the perpetrator)."

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Another person added: "Dear movie lovers - last night I happened to watch #RogueAgent movie on Netflix. What a freaking thriller it was. Inspired by a true story. I strongly recommend it, especially the girls. Don’t miss it!" A third person added: "#RogueAgent was a terrifically told true story that played out naturally yet tragic at the right moments. James Norton masterfully switches personas convincingly. A gripping character mystery. @DecLawn has provided one of the most underrated films of the year. Go in blind."


Gemma Arterton also stars

The story is also told in Netflix’s documentary Puppet Master, which told the story of Robert’s lies from those who had been misled by him, as well as the two adult children of the woman he is still with to this day, who haven’t been in contact with their mother for years.

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