Rod Stewart bans anyone who isn't triple-vaccinated from his Christmas party

Rod Stewart bans the unvaccinated from his house credit:Bang Showbiz
Rod Stewart bans the unvaccinated from his house credit:Bang Showbiz

Sir Rod Stewart will only allow those who have had their third COVID-19 vaccine to attend his Christmas party.

The 76-year-old rock star slammed those who have chosen not to take the vaccine, branding them as "killers" and spoke of how he has banned anyone unvaccinated from attending his festive get together.

He said: "It makes me angry, especially in America where they talk about “It’s my right, it’s my freedom'. No it’s not! Because you are a killer, and you can be killed. We have a big party at the house every year. We have a marquee and a band. We’re just going to make sure everybody has been tested. It’s dead simple. If you haven’t been tested, if you haven’t got the two vaccines and the booster, you can’t come."

The 'Maggie May' hitmaker - who has been married to 'Loose Women' star Penny Lancaster, 50, since 2007 - also alluded to Austria, who recently announced a vaccine mandate would be enforced in February 2022.

Speaking to John Pienaar on Times Radio, he said: " One of the countries in Europe are making it mandatory, you must have the shot, - Austria."

When asked by the host whether he believes the vaccine should be made compulsory in the UK, he declined to answer but "strongly advised" listeners to take the jab, before admitting he can understand the hesitancy of pregnant women.

He said: "I don't want to get into that one, people are entitled to their views. But I strongly advise people to go and get vaxxed. I can sort of understand it with pregnant women."